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The thing about us,
we think global.

House of Companies is a reputable firm that has formed over 1.000 companies in The Netherlands. INCO is considered the Netherlands' most experienced incorporation agent, focused on global entrepreneurs, since 2007. House of Companies regularly hosts and joins international business events, and is considered an authority by the Dutch media on topics as Brexit, International Business, and Tax Planning.

Our mission is to facilitate global entrepreneurship for ambitious entrepreneurs by providing a smooth landing in the Netherlands. Our focus is on company formation services and business development advice, in which we want to achieve future growth for our clients.

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How do we work?

House of Companies provides office address services, and practical tools and content to expand your business overseas. For just 75 EUR per month you can rent a virtual office, and for 100 EUR you can include our branch Out-membership. The first contract term is for 3 months, after that you can cancel every month!

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News and Blogs

Follow our blog and news updates, to get the latest updates on taxes, how to expand your business, and the latest legal developments.


News Sponsor of the Imis


Our team was present in the China Offshore summits in Shenzhen and Shanghai (as sponsor) and we sponsored the IMIS event in Shanghai, China. We work with many partner organisations in China, of offer our content in Chinese if required. 


The first brexit client has

taken the Leap

Our team has assisted dozens of UK companies to establish their company in the Netherlands, since the announcement of Brexit. 


100th company formation

british smes also coming to…

Check our Dashboard for the solutions in case your business is affected by Brexit. You can easily start an EU company, and apply for the tax numbers!



Trade Mission India '19 | Building Bridges



Thinking about your European hub post-Brexit?

House of Companies Events

House of Companies is an international community of global entrepreneurs, or international corporate services providers. We regularly host events where we all get together. Not just to interact, but also to start your company on the spot! Check out our upcoming events!

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Our Success Story

INCO has been a very reliable source for us while we’re entering the European market, with extensive expertise on how to do business in the Netherlands. 

Our conversations with INCO gave us the trust that they know what they were talking about, whatever the subject we reached out to them. We also started receiving their support even before we signed a contract with them. That also built upon our trust.  

We have our offices in B. Amsterdam and they referred us to INCO. Considering that B. Amsterdam is the largest start-up ecosystem in Europe, we thought that was a referral we should consider.

Özlem Sarıoğluv

Co-Founder of Sparkus


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