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Branching out your business made simple

Our formation services follow four simple steps

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75 Eur pm
Choose a location
Active within 1 day
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Select the right Membership

House of Companies provides registered office services and office solutions in more then 4.000 locations. You can select the Virtual Office package, to start the procedure. If you like to make your local presence more official, select the Branch Out-Package to get full access to our Dashboard. 

Not sure yet if you should start a Dutch Business? Check out our Dashboard Preview , or download our Netherlands Formation Guide. Also feel  free to contact our team, to get more information on our services, and how to start your services!

Select your Situation

Please select service you want to proceed with for your entry.

File a Corporate Tax Return
Apply for VAT number
Register as Employer
Start a Dutch BV
Register a Branch
Change my company details (KvK)

Option 1

Branch Out Membership™
Starts at €100 per month

Full Virtual Office in city of choice!

Register a branch or Limited Company

Easy application of VAT or other tax IDs

Submit your tax returns etc.

Option 2

Request a free trail
Free access for 3 days
+31 (0) 765870401

Select your current Situation

Do you wish to use the Office Address instantly?


You are a:

Dutch Company(under formation)
Overseas Company

Describe your situation:

Newcomer in Netherlands
Dutch address in place

Our service will work perfectly with your situation. You can use our Dutch address facilities right away, and our House of Companies Dashboard will allow you to consider if you should register a branch, or company, and will inform you on all legal and administrative affairs. This way you will not need any accountant, lawyer, or formation agent to assist with your first steps into the Dutch market. 

Preferred Location


Laanzichtweg 60, Breda

The Netherlands

Laanzichtweg Breda is our Prefered Selection, which is why we offer two extra options if you select this location

This address includes:

Free scan service (Up to 10 letters per month)

8 hours per month use of personal office space

Postal Service


If you choose this option, you authorize House of Companies and / or Business partner to open your incoming mail items and send them via e-mail via a secure environment.

We charge €0,50 per page.

Forward by mail

Let us know to which address we can send your received mail.​

The costs depend on the weight and destination.

Pick up on location

​You can collect your mail items yourself at the location during office hours.

Chamber of Comm..

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