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Request extension filing date
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Request extension filing date

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Has your financial year ended, and did you receive the invitation to submit your corporate tax return? You might need a bit of extra time, to submit your corporate tax return. In this page we will explain how to get more time (5 months, or even longer!)  to submit your corporate tax return in the Netherlands.

If you do not report (or apply for extension) in time, you can be fined, so it’s important to apply for the extension before the filing deadline expires.

You can get more time in two different ways:

  • Is your financial year not the same as the calendar year, are you a non-resident taxpayer or do you want to postpone for more than 5 months? Then use the form below, to apply for an extended filing date.

  • You can request for the 5 months extension,  from 1 March to 1th of  June,  using the online corporation tax postponement form. You can find this form (during the 2 months mentioned above) in your online Tax Portal at  'Other forms'. With this form you can request a postponement until November 1. You will receive a written response from the Tax & Customs Administration within 3 weeks.

Financial year not equal to calendar year


You can only request a digital extension if your financial year is the same as the calendar year. Do you have a broken financial year, or a long or short financial year? Then use the form Application for deferment of corporate income tax return.

Foreign taxpayer


As a non-resident taxpayer you cannot log in to 'My Tax Portal for entrepreneurs’ (MTP). You use the form, which is provided below as download.

Longer delay


The normal delay is 5 months. Would you like to delay longer? Then make a request using the form Application for deferment of corporate income tax return. Justify your request.


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