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Legal Entities in the Netherlands


HoC Flexidesks

Do you run an overseas business, or are you planning to start an overseas business for which you require a local address?

Use our Spaces at only €99 p.m. and get free access to all eBranch features.
House of Companies offers more than 4.000 locations worldwide, and provides unique support for businesses that expand overseas.

eBranch Spaces allows you to start your office with a few clicks. Your Space will be activated within 48 hours and your business is ready to present itself and receive mail, packages or get phone calls!

Our team has been offering virtual offices since 2010. We have assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs to register a company overseas, and to obtain a registered office address.

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A physical address for your business

Meet statutory seat requirements, or invest in your global reputation to improve your brand.

eBranch offers physical addresses in all major cities in the world, from Amsterdam to Zurich.

Virtual office solutions at your fingertips

Get access to your online Space, where you can manage your mail, forward your phone calls and even book your meeting room. Our solutions are used by digital nomads and multinationals.

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Our offering

Virtual office services


Reputable and legitimate business address


Mail forwarding and scan services


Local phone number (annual payment)


Storage facilities and other services

Bonus features as part of our eBranch membership


Obtain a local tax or company number


Easy application of VAT or other tax IDs


Local phone number (annual payment)


Easily submit your own corporate tax return

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Fill out the form below & choose from over 4,000 locations

Request a quote or order directly in just a few steps.


How it works to expand overseas using eBranch

eBranch is an innovative one-stop-shop for all sorts of entrepreneurs to expand overseas without having to involve a lawyer, accountant, or even having to establish a local entity per se.

Most popular locations

The Netherlands
The Netherlands
The Netherlands
The Hague
The Netherlands

Registered Office &
Flexi-desk facilities in The Hague

Do you want to set up a new business in Den Haag, or do you have an existing business and you want to get a local address? Entrepreneurs and businesses from all over the world have used the services of to help them start a business and set up a registered office in Den Haag since 2017(?).

Setting up a business can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Virtual offices have become very popular, especially with startups because it is a very easy way to enter markets all over the world, including Den Haag. It allows new and existing companies new in the market to create a local presence while operating from anywhere in the world. A virtual office in Den Haag gives you a local telephone number from which you can receive local and international calls, as well as a local address where mail and parcels can be received. This is especially important for receiving official communication from the local government. has a range of services that can be specifically tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes. We can help you to establish a registered office in Den Haag, set up a virtual office, or leasing work and office space of any size in the city, for any period of time — from one hour to many months — at some of the best business centers in Den Haag.

We can help you get your business up and running within 1 business day! If you’d like to try before you buy, we’re more than happy to give you a free demo so you can see whether it’s perfect for you, or speak to a consultant to go through your options. Once you’re ready to commit, we will send you your lease agreement via email. It’s as simple as that.

Workspaces & Flexi-Desks

With workspaces in some of the top business centers in Den Haag, renting a workspace from has never been easier. Choose how much space you need and how long you need it for — from a hot-desk in a shared space for a couple of hours, days, or weeks, to a fully-fledged private office for the long term, can tailor make a workspace solution to suit your unique needs.

When you sign up and reserve a workspace with us, we will provide you with all the information you need to establish your business in Den Haag and open your doors in no time. If you are looking for a long-term solution where potential customers can contact you, but you don’t want to commit to renting office space, then our registered office or virtual office solutions in Den Haag might be what you’re looking for when starting a business in the Netherlands.

Using a Registered Office in Den Haag, to register your company

Having a virtual office is great for when you want to start a Dutch company without you actually having to be in the location. That is what makes virtual offices so popular. It allows you to run your business in Den Haag while remaining mobile and free to work from anywhere in the world. However, if you want to register a company in Den Haag, then a virtual office might not be the best solution, since Dutch regulations require that you have a registered office address in Den Haag. has extensive experience in setting up registered offices and we can help you to set up a registered office address in Den Haag for as little as €75 per month! We make the process simple and easy.

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Fixed 99 euros per month - Includes VAT, Banking and so much more!

Start FREE 30 days Trial
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Select your country of choice, and register your eBranch or migrate your current company info



Your membership will unlock all the services of the eBranch Engine, including the VAT application in your country of choice



Run the VAT check to ensure if your business indeeds requires a local VAT number

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Fixed 99 euros per month - Includes VAT, Banking and so much more!

Start FREE 30 days Trial

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