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The story behind
House of Companies

House of Companies is an innovative corporate service provider that facilitates entrepreneurs on their roadmap to global expansion.

Market entries

Branches globally

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5+ years
in the industry

A unique approach
towards company expansion

Our flagship product is the so-called  Entity Management™.

Entity Management is a ‘Globalisation as a Service’  that allows entrepreneurs to start and grow their business (overseas), with a minimum budget. In some countries,  local bureaucracies stand in the way of our Mission, in which case we focus on our Community Portal and share insights, tools  and reviews of corporate service providers, which have been tried and tested by our members and experts. Once perfected, third party services can be included in our marketplace of Enterprise services.

We work with Incubators and Accelerators of all sorts, to function as a practical extension of the Incubators blueprint to potential success. Using our platform, students and startups can take concrete action to expand their business. The key ingredient of our entire approach is our entrepreneurial mindset, which is what really sets us apart from the giant consultancy firms.

The story behindHouse of Companies

Our team has been involved in over 1.000 market entries worldwide, and is now committed to simplify and democratise ‘global expansion’, while keeping accountants and lawyers at bay, for as long as possible. With only four offices worldwide, which are based in The Netherlands, Spain and India (with a branch in Pakistan), we rely on our extensive partner network to be able to provide global coverage for our users. We have formal representations in over 29 countries.

Our mission

Be an advocate for digital innovation

House of Companies favors digital innovations, but also makes a strong effort to enable ‘human’ interaction in entrepreneurship. Our Entity Management is community-driven, for and by entrepreneurs. We bring (back) the human element in ‘business support’ which has become intransparent, and unnecessary bureaucratic. 

Introduce entrepreneurship to the next generation

House of Companies works with universities, incubators and accelerators globally, to train students and entrepreneurs on ‘Entrepreneurship as a Practice’. Using the Entity Management, we are able to connect, provide practical solutions, and provide research tools. 

Philanthropy as a core virture

House of Companies donates 8% of its turnover to Refugee Incubation Programs, to enable entrepreneurship among refugees. (read more on our involvement as co-Founder of ‘Incubator for Immigrants’)

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Meet our executive team

House of Companies is a bootstrapped startup  launched by Dennis Vermeulen, who has been involved in global corporate services since 2007.  Dennis has recently exited from his ‘corporate service firm’, to focus on the disruption of the corporate and trust  industry.


Dennis Vermeulen

Founder & CEO


Anne Vermeulen

Founder & CEO


Seshadri Vangala

Country Director, India


Zaheer Shaikh

Country Director, Pakistan


A story of success

‘Dennis Vermeulen has been a very reliable source for us while we’re entering the European market, with extensive expertise on how to do business in the Netherlands. 

Our conversations with Dennis Vermeulen gave us the trust that they know what they were talking about, whatever the subject we reached out to them. We also started receiving their support even before we signed a contract with them. That also built upon our trust.  

We have our offices in B. Amsterdam and they referred us to Dennis Vermeulen. Considering that B. Amsterdam is the largest start-up ecosystem in Europe, we thought that was a referral we should consider.’

Ozlem Sarioglu

CEO & Founder



In the news


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Dennis Vermeulen is interviewed by major Dutch TV network on offshore companies

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Incubator maakt ondernemers van vluchtelingen

Incubator Opens the Door to The Netherlands for Refugees

Incubator Opens the Door to The Netherlands for Refugees


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