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Branching Out your Business
to the Netherlands

 Expand your existing company, from any country in the world, into The Netherlands without breaking a sweat! Dedicated and entrepreneurial support to launch your company into a new market, utilizing all the features that our Entity Portal has to offer.


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A Dutch branch is a great option for SMEs entering the Netherlands due to several advantages over the BV structure. F

irstly, Dutch branches pay no dividend tax, which can save a significant amount of money.


Additionally, there is no requirement for local financial statements, which can reduce administrative costs. Furthermore, a Dutch branch can be a more flexible option for companies that want to maintain a closer connection to their parent company.


“We decided to register a branch, given the many advantages, and the control that we maintain...”


Here is why Dutch Branch Registration
is a great alternative for a Local Private Company


A Branch is easier to register 

Say goodbye to personal meetings with notaries and hardcopy registration forms. The registration of a branch is typically easier, cheaper, and faster to register. This is especially true in the EU, but also in many other regions.

Using our Entity Portal, you can register your branch, without involving any lawyer or accountant, in more then 10 countries! At a fraction of the legal costs of setting up a local entity. 

 Familiarity with its 

 Company Law

Get full guidance on the Roadmap, and playbooks that are part of your Entity Management™.  Direct communication on any corporate, tax or operational matter, on an entrepreneurial level. 

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Bank Account opening

Guaranteed Bank Account

Get full support on the annual or incidental corporate or tax affairs of your company. Discuss local regulatory changes and the managing of important filing dates.

Easy to Maintain and De-register

To update the details of your branch, you simply update your legal entity, which has been used to register a branch. Via our Portal, all corporate changes can be prepared. De-registration in a country will not result into legal or notary expenses!

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Benificial Tax Status

You can decide to register a Branch as Rep. Office,

which would not have to pay taxes, or even submit tax return.

As a fully operational branch, the same corporate taxes typically apply, but there are no withholding taxes on outgoing dividends!

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Branch Registration in the Netherlands

When a company expands overseas, it may need to register an overseas branch of its legal entity. In many countries, foreign companies must register as a branch to establish a permanent establishment and conduct business.

Navigating through the process of branch registration can be complex, as it often involves understanding and complying with the legal and regulatory requirements of the foreign country. This may include providing documentation such as the company's Articles of Incorporation, financial statements, and information about the company's directors and officers. Additionally, the process may require obtaining a local business license, registering with tax authorities, and complying with local employment laws. It is also important to consider the tax implications of branch registration, as the company may become subject to the foreign country's tax laws and regulations.


The branch registration procedure in the Netherlands is simple, using the services of House of Companies. 


By successfully navigating through the branch registration process, the company can establish a legitimate and compliant presence in the foreign country, enabling it to expand its operations and reach new markets. 

Advantages of a branch registration compared to a subsidiairy

When considering the advantages of branch registration compared to setting up a subsidiary, it is crucial to weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks based on the specific needs and goals of the parent company. One significant advantage of branch registration is the ability to carry out business activities in the foreign market under the parent company's name, therefore maintaining a unified brand identity across borders. Additionally, branch registration typically requires less capital and administrative burden compared to establishing a subsidiary, as the parent company retains ownership and control over the branch's operations. Moreover, branch registration allows for seamless transfer of resources and expertise from the parent company to the foreign market, maximizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It is also important to note that branch registration comes with its own set of legal obligations and compliance requirements, which can vary depending on the company law and regulations of the foreign jurisdiction.


Therefore, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a reputable notary or lawyer with expertise in foreign company registration to navigate the complex legal and bureaucratic processes involved in establishing a branch and maintaining compliance with local laws. Ultimately, the decision between branch registration and subsidiary formation should be carefully evaluated in light of the company's strategic objectives, financial resources, and risk tolerance. 

Read more about registering a branch overseas.

Are you looking for a partner, or white label-solution to deal with your client´s branch registrations?

House of Companies is happy to discuss the options.

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