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 Obtain your residency permit  in

The Netherlands

Are you a startup, or experienced entrepreneur that is looking to relocate? Or are you planning to relocate one of your current staff members? House of Companies provides the quickest route to relocation in our Entity Management™

Our Entity Management  is a full market entry solution

Entrepreneurs are on the move! And so are their staff members.  From digital nomads, to high executives, everybody is (or wants to be) a remote worker nowadays. So why not pack up and move abroad? 

Entity Management facilitates entrepreneurs and staff members, to explore and enter new markets. From
Obtaining a Startup Visa, to Intra-Corporate Transfers, you can deal with your residency application without involving an immigration lawyer!



Apply for your Startup Visa, or Residency permit without involving an immigration lawyer



Request a Pre-Approval before submitting your application



International immigration officers available to assist with complex matters

Hear what others have to say about us

We relocated one of our staff members to the EU, using Entity Management. A piece of cake!


Block Chain (South Africa)

Entity Management is a quick fix to get started with your first employee overseas!


Non-Profit Organisation

The community in Entity Management made me comfortable to formally enter the EU market after Brexit. From 1 employee to 3 in 6 months !


Beauty Products Trading

Looking for full facilitation to
obtain Residency

Do you prefer to discuss your situation with an immigration lawyer instantly? No problem! House of Companies can assist you to discuss your unique situation, and find the best solution to obtain your residency. Our European favorite? Portugal! Contact us to discuss why.

Planning to work in the US as an entrepreneur? We found the quickest route!




Get connected to Startup Facilitators who can endorse you



Obtain a Legal Memo to get familiar with your options and the latest residency schemes.



Our Entity Management features will keep legal fees at a minimum

Available in these countries

Learn more about residency

Case studies about Obtaining a Residency

Group 43802.png

Dennis Vermeulen                  July 9, 2022

The Netherlands

Group 43812.png

Dennis Vermeulen                July 25, 2022

United Kingdom

Group 43867.png

Dennis Vermeulen                July 12, 2022


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All you need to know about obtaining residency in your country of choice!

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Wherever I pay tax, that’s my home.

Feel welcome, and try out our solutions and community, to bring your business a step closer to international expansion.

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