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Payroll your staff in

any EU Country

One Control Panel to become an Employer of Record overseas, and payroll your staff overseas!  Far and away, the cheapest and most expedient option to deal with recruitment or relocation of overseas staff, without employing any (international) tax lawyer or setting up a local entity. 

Our Entity Management Portal is a full market entry solution

It's becoming simpler and simpler every day to become an Employer of Record overseas, without setting up a company. 
We are not talking about paying over 600 EUR per month to PEO’s (such as or Remote), but a much simpler and cheaper solution. Did you know, you can use Launch Grid to become an Employer in most EU countries, and reduce your monthly pay-rolling fees to around 10 EUR per employee?

Once you are registered as (Overseas) Employer, you can use Launch Grid to further run & grow your company!



Register as Employer overseas, without setting up a business, or involving expensive PEO’s



Direct filing at the staff tax authorities



International HR officers available to assist with complex matters

Hear what others have to say about us

PEO’s kept telling me that I needed to set up a local entity, OR pay their high monthly prices. None was the case! Fully covered by the Entity management portal.


Global Talent Recruiter

House of Companies provides a quick fix to get started with your first employee overseas!


Non-Profit Organisation

The community at House of Companies made me comfortable to formally enter the EU market after Brexit. From 1 employee to 3 in 6 months !


Beauty Products Trading

Looking for full facilitation by an
HR Officer or PEO?

Yes, we said it… In your situation a PEO could be a valid approach to enter a market or grow your business. Our Launch Grid has certain restrictions, which depend on your Industry and in which country you plan to payroll staff. 

But no worries, PEO’s are part of our Community, and you find their services listed.


Advantages of our
Global Offers



Global coverage for monthly payrolling of your staff (acting as Employer of Record yourself!)



Claim discounted prices, and get reviews from our Community



Optionally appoint a (verified) PEO as Employer of Record within our portal

Available in these countries

Learn more about payrolling

Becoming an Employer of Record Case Studies

Group 43802.png

Dennis Vermeulen                  July 9, 2022

The Netherlands

Group 43812.png

Dennis Vermeulen                July 25, 2022

United Kingdom

Group 43867.png

Dennis Vermeulen                July 12, 2022


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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about relocating, recruiting and payrolling your staff!

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Wherever I pay tax, that’s my home.

Feel welcome, and try out our solutions and community, to bring your business a step closer to international expansion.

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