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Why do we do, What we do

Alright, gather 'round  for a pure existential dread, since we're on a quest for formulating our purpose.

Throughout the course of my professional journey, I have developed a profound understanding of the concepts of 'citizenship' and 'sovereignty.' This understanding has been shaped by my experiences in the business realm as well as my philosophical explorations.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of interacting with individuals from over 60 shapes and sizes and have incorporated companies in more than 20 jurisdictions. These encounters have exposed me to a wide array of concepts such as tax avoidance, passport by investment, and the nomadic nature of entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, I have also witnessed the dire consequences of conflicts, sanctions, and the plight of political refugees, leaving me with a profound sense of both potential and destruction. These phenomena, it seems, are all subject to the whims of bureaucratic systems.

As a result, I have this unwavering belief in the power (and necessity) of creativity and freedom. I find happiness in the act of being creative and staying true to myself.With that belief, I'm trying to be a forward-thinking force, pushing the boundaries of entrepreneurship and taking on ‘societal’ norms head-on. For entrepreneurs, the world is not merely what it appears to be, but a canvas waiting to be painted with transformative ideas and boundless potential.


Now, here's the thing:

I’m not blind to the fact that 99% of these startups fail. But let me tell you, it’s not because they refuse to follow the ‘science’ of entrepreneurship. It's because they, and their initiatives, are driven by creativity.  And that spirit is hard to be contained by ‘rules of success’. 

And this brings me to our Purpose.

In today's world, it seems that the rules and regulations are multiplying at an alarming rate, encroaching on the autonomy of entrepreneurs. However, there should be a natural counterbalance that not only protects but also nurtures the independence of these brave individuals. Is there anything to offset the suffocating effect of bureaucracy? It appears that the answer lies in the form of suited-up lawyers and accountants, waiting to impose their conformity upon us, at an hourly rate.

But why have we come to accept this as a given? Why do we allow these professionals to dictate the initial steps of our entrepreneurial journey? It's time to question the status quo and reclaim our entrepreneurial autonomy, and territory. 

My adaptation of the pursuit of happiness has been the pursuit of global entrepreneurship. And in this pursuit, I have built a platform for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. A one-stop-shop to dismantle the barriers that confine the ambitions of aspiring global entrepreneurs, and facilitate them to new markets. As a community, driven by taccessibility (of knoweldge and tools) and creativity (but not accepting 'rules are rules' as  response).

Reflecting on my global outlook, my private domain and my talent for adaptability, for me, ‘home’ is wherever I pay my taxes. Where I still feel free enough to be creative, to produce, to be happy. Where I feel welcome. This realization has inspired me to start this purposeful journey, which I named ‘House of Companies’, with a deeply personal motto:

“Wherever I pay my tax, That’s my home”

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Our team, a bunch of the wandering entrepreneurs extraordinaire. Just remember, the world is our playground, and we are here to show you how to question everything and embrace the chaos.

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As aspiring (global)  entrepreneurs, we've learned a lot about citizenship and independence through our experiences. After many failures, and few great successes, we strongly believe in the power of creativity and accessibility to knowledge, which is why we aim to challenge norms and support independent entrepreneurship. 

At House of Companies, we prioritize accessibility, self-reliance, and creativity, aiming to remove barriers for global entrepreneurs and help them enter new markets.

With determination and a strong focus on global entrepreneurship, we are dedicated to supporting the rights and freedom of empowered global citizens."

The enduring truth, withstands the test of time, and it is the most imaginative minds that will bring it to fruition. Driven by our steadfast principles, House of Companies aims to stand as the ultimate pioneer in its industry, uniquely poised to empower, nurture, and uncover the genuine purpose behind our innovative nature.


In the pursuit of our mission, we have built the three pillars that form the solid foundation of values that empowers us to continuously grow and develop.


At our company, we firmly believe in the power of innovation, which can only come from man's innovative mind. We not only strive to develop our own groundbreaking solutions but also provide a platform for existing innovations. Rather than resorting to copying, we foster collaboration with market players, working together to create a harmonious ecosystem. Our approach involves utilizing prodigious strategizing techniques, valuable insight, boundless creativity, and extensive expertise to deliver exceptional solutions that cater to our clients' ever-evolving and unique needs. 


Self-reliance is a pivotal value. We firmly believe (and read the science on it) that in order to achieve success, individuals requires the freedom and necessary tools to be self-reliant. Entrepreneurship serves as a transformative journey, unlocking one's potential, igniting their creativity, and fostering self-confidence. By empowering refugees through our support of incubation programs, we actively contribute to enhancing their self-reliance and self-sufficiency, enabling them to thrive in life.

Unconventional Thinking

We embrace the value of Unconventional Thinking, which involves breaking away from established norms and accepted standards. By fostering an environment of passion collaboration, we encourage the generation of potential opportunities through interactions within our ecosystem.

A Personalised Advisory Report

Covering all aspects including fees.


Manage your business abroad before it's even established!
Are you planning to start a company abroad but don’t know where to begin?

Our Advisory Report will assess the road ahead based on your requirements and provide a comprehensive overview of all business milestones and corporate hurdles that may be relevant for your market entry, even before you decide to enter the market.

Our Report also includes one year of support via our Business Portal, where we can offer dedicated chat support, Playbooks, Milestones, and much more to gain a comprehensive understanding of corporate requirements. This detailed support can help you avoid the need to engage a local lawyer or accountant, take control in your own hands, and save a significant amount of money while gaining invaluable insights for the future growth of your business.


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