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Submit your VAT return in

The Netherlands

One Control Panel, to deal with the incorporation of your company, and other corporate hurdles that you experience during your global expansion. Far out, the cheapest and most efficient way to incorporate your company overseas, including the tools and community to make your market entry successful.

Our Entity Management  is a full market entry solution

It's becoming simpler and simpler every day to file your VAT returns. The procedure of submitting your VAT return is made simpler by the growing number of "online tax portals" available to international business owners. When you sign up for a Free Trial, try using our Entity Management to submit your VAT refund.

Once your first VAT return is submitted, you can use Entity Management to further run & grow your company!

Advantages of
Entity Management



Get familiar with VAT filing requirements



Direct filing at the tax authorities



International Tax officers available to assist with complex matters

Hear what others have to say about us

I expected to take about 2 quarters to generate turnover in Germany. Luckily I didn’t have to spend any money on an accountant in the meantime.


Global Talent Recruiter

My Indian accountant drafts my VAT Reports, and  submits the return using Entity Management!


Spice & Herbs Export

The practical know how in Entity Management  made me comfortable to get more involved in my own tax filing! And it worked !


IT firm

Looking for full facilitation by an
International Tax Officer?

Your circumstance may actually call for the assistance of a local tax professional, despite the ever-expanding nature of the Entity Management contents. A local accountant may be required by law in certain countries.
If you need help filing your tax return, House of Companies is here to help.

You can either send us your existing ledgers and VAT Analysis, or instruct us to draw up new ones from scratch.




Get 100% compliant with local tax regulations



Get 100% compliant with local tax regulations



REAL personal support, by experienced tax officers. No online customer care, or chatbots. Our team can file your tax returns on your behalf!

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VAT Filing Case Studies

Group 43802.png

Dennis Vermeulen                  July 9, 2022

The Netherlands

Group 43812.png

Dennis Vermeulen                July 25, 2022

United Kingdom

Group 43867.png

Dennis Vermeulen                July 12, 2022


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Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about VAT requirements for your new business.

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Wherever I pay tax, that’s my home.

Feel welcome, and try out our solutions and community, to bring your business a step closer to international expansion.

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