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Accelerate your global expansion with the right facilitation

 Boost your Entity Management™ with a super-personal touch. Dedicated and entrepreneurial support to launch your company into a new market, utilizing all the features that Entity Management has to offer. Your launch facilitator will register your business, open your bank account, file your taxes, and even pick you up from the airport if need be!


Companies launched


Plans developed


Plans developed

10+ hours

Support included


Winners surround themselves with people that are (likely to be) better than them.If you want to grow your company, why would you surround yourself with corporate secretaries, all over the world? You want to deal with the entrepreneur, the person who has the local knowhow and mindset to make it happen. For you.

The platform is by and for entrepreneurs. Which is why Entity Management avoids dealing with ‘big corporate’, and ‘supporting staff’, but direct contact with the actual entrepreneur. 

Entity Management members simply get the best that the market has to offer.


“We used Entity Management as a blueprint for expansion, but it was the Launch Facilitator, that really saves significant time and headache for our international team. ”


Here’s what you can expect from our launch facilitation


Do you think you already know what you need? Get validation and coaching where necessary, to ensure your market entry strategy and corporate structure make sense!

Guided Playbooks

Get full guidance on the Roadmap, and playbooks that are part of your Entity Management™.  Direct communication on any corporate, tax or operational matter, on an entrepreneurial level. 

Keep your Company in GoodStanding

Get full support on the annual or incidental corporate or tax affairs of your company. Discuss local regulatory changes and the managing of important filing dates.

Build your local Community

Our community platform can be fully utilized by your Launch facilitator, to build your very own network abroad. Get connected to entrepreneurs, potential suppliers, buyers or service providers.

Execute Enterprise Solutions

When you register an LTD abroad, or open a bank account, or register a trademark, it can be very useful to have a single contact person. Your (launch) facilitator will manage all pending procedures and communication with the relevant providers.

Do you like to schedule a call with a Launch Facilitator?

Get more familiar with our support

Incubation Programs & Events

House of Companies works with incubators, universities and accelerators worldwide in our mission to democratize global entrepreneurship.  As part of our involvement in entrepreneurial programs, which typically includes a workshop or lecture from our launch facilitator, and they will potentially take home:

A fully incorporated business

We have co-hosted events where companies are incorporated on the spot!

Enterprise network

All participants of all global programs are invited in our dedicated community section to share their progress and experience

Guided Playbooks

Entrepreneurship as a practice presented as a Playbook. How to deal with hurdle of a typical business roadmap to global expansion

Free access to our Entity Management

We have co-hosted events where companies are incorporated on the spot!

An International Bank Account

We can include our banking partners in the event to open your bank account instantly

Free Trademark Registration

Are you a startup and your trademark is not registered yet? Our facilitator will guide you through the whole process

Are you looking for a partner in your Accelerator Program or Event?

House of Companies is happy to discuss the options.

House of Companies is loved by company founders all over the world


James Franco

Block Chain (South Africa)


Michelle Frankfurt

Non-Profit Organisation

Mask group-2.png

Mark Bower

Beauty Products Trading

Mask group-6.png

Steven Kelv

Trucking & Logistics

Mask group-5.png

Mark Nelson trader

Mask group-9.png

Cameron Blake

Recruitment & Payrolling

Mask group-7.png

Jamie Corten

Spice & Herbs Export

Mask group-8.png

Frank Ortlund

IT firm

Available in these countries

Wherever I pay tax, that’s my home.

Feel welcome, and try out our solutions and community, to bring your business a step closer to international expansion.

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