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Wherever I pay my Tax,
That's my Home


For the trailblazing business mavericks.

Unshackle from local bureaucracy, high taxation, and liability exposure. Integrate top-tier tax and governance planning with tailored asset protection to elevate your corporate structure.




Our solutions empower businesses to achieve self-governance, providing the autonomy that entrepreneurs seek, while seizing the world as their oyster.


SMART Business Registration
SMARTER Self-Governance

Experience the future of running a global business
with our  
'Governance as a Service' approach.

Kick-start your journey with our

AI-generated Corporate Structure & Action Plan, providing intelligent insights and actionable items tailored to your business's ambitions.


Or instantly incorporate your structure with our Smart(er) Business registration services.


Take control with our next-level self-governance portal, eliminating the need for expensive professionals while simplifying complex legal and corporate affairs into actionable to-do's.

Whatever is SMART(er)
you can self-govern

Branch out your current business to any EU Country

Branch registration has never been this simple. Our portal provides full service service, avoiding any agent fees.


Tax ID Registration

Obtain a tax residency for your company, or apply for a VAT ID or Register as Employer, without setting up a local company, all by yourself!

Smart Company Registration

Set up a SMART company, using the latest smart contract technologies, and govern your company directly at the source!


Corporate Changes

Our Portal provides self-service solutions for all types of companies, even if you don't use a SMART company. 

Tax Filing

File your tax return yourself, or ask your local accountant to do so, based on our Tax Compliance Calender, and direct connection to the Tax Portal abraod. 

Residency & VISA Application

Easily apply for a residency permit for your staff, or your team founders, without involving an immigration lawyer!

 Get your Bullet-Proof
Corporate Stucture & Action Plan
within minutes


Leveraging decades of expertise in tax planning and asset protection, we've trained our advanced AI Language Model to deliver real-time reports tailored to your specific needs.

Our AI seamlessly navigates legal and tax regulations to determine optimal business milestones, corporate structures, tax optimization, and asset protection, all while prioritizing residency, VISA requirements, and circumventing local registration when needed.


Determine if you need to register a branch, local company, or Tax ID's.


How to relocate your staff to your new market.


How to Get Pre-Approved and guaranteed IBAN Payment accounts. 


Find a Facilitator, Write your Plan, and Start your Application with our help.

Based on your answers

Corporate Structure & Action Plan

Your agent-independent blueprint to successful market entry


iconmonstr-book-19 1.png

Scope of the Report

iconmonstr-book-19 1.png

Goals of the Entrepreneur

iconmonstr-book-19 1.png

Suggested Corporate Structure

iconmonstr-book-19 1.png

Tax and legal consequences 

iconmonstr-book-19 1.png

International Banking

iconmonstr-book-19 1.png

Comparisons (agents & countries)

iconmonstr-book-19 1.png

Budget and Fees

iconmonstr-book-19 1.png

Conclusion & Final Questions

includes Bonus access for 1 year

Branch registration


VAT Filing,

Employer ID

Bank Account

100+ Playbooks,

Community Events and Live Coaching

*includes the first year fees only

Tax Planning & Asset Protection 
With a Global Focus


The Digital Nomads, Perpetual Travelers, Crypto Millionaires, Real Estate Moguls, Remote Workers, 'Refugees', and international SMEs -


Your corporate structure deserves an upgrade!

From taxfree operational companies, to Private Foundations. From offshore bank account to tokenisation of your assets. 

All available at the same simplicity as booking an upgrade on your flight.

Fully included in our Self-Governance Dashboard at only 295 EUR py.

and receive a sample of our suggested Corporate Structure

Icorp (1).png

How to Start Your Business 

Get direct access to corporate requirements across multiple countries—eliminating the need to establish a local business or travel.

Say goodbye to conventional advisory, and embrace our one-of-a-kind solution, designed to empower digital nomads, and SME's with a global mindset, to access and manage corporate requirements accross Europe.


With the purpose of avoiding high legal fees, just when you need your cash the most!
With the purpose of disrupting the monopoly on legal know-how for the Rich and Famous.



Meet Our SMART team in.... the Netherlands

How SMART is the Netherlands Company Law, you ask?
Well... not too SMART,  sorry to say. Like most EU countries, the focus is still on traditional bureaucratic formation requirements.  

But House of Companies has a SMARTER solution
for anyone planning to enter the Netherlands.

We included the branch registration process, VAT application, Employer Registration, in our Self-Governance portal.

Its not 'decentral' yet, but as smart as can be. 

Did you know you can get dedicated support to register your branch in the Netherlands, without any personal visit?

Check out the differences between the Branch and a local entity registration (BV).


Here’s what you can expect from our House of Companies

Road_Icon (2).png

Action Plan

Do you think you already know what you need? Get validation and coaching where necessary, to ensure your market entry strategy and corporate structure make sense!

Expert Community

Get full guidance on the Roadmap, and playbooks that are part of your Entity Management™.  Direct communication on any corporate, tax or operational matter, on an entrepreneurial level. 


Branch & Business Registration

Get full support on the annual or incidental corporate or tax affairs of your company. 

Self- Governance

Our community platform can be fully utilized by your Launch facilitator, to build your very own network abroad. 

Promo Image.png

Tokenize your Business & Repeat 

When you register an LTD abroad, or open a bank account, or register a trademark, it can be very useful to have a single contact person. 

Our Features


 Corporate Structure &
Action Plan


incl. 1 year 'Entity under Formation' support

Interactive Roadmap focused on tax & legal consequences and milestones.

Access to 'How to enter markets'- webinars and Library

(Personalized) Corporate and Salary tax Calclations

Advice on best Corporate Structure and market Entry Strategy



Dedicated Business Portal which belongs to you, not the agent

How to enter markets webinars

Compliance Calendar, to keep your company in goodstanding (even without agent)

250+ Playbooks to handle corporate, tax and residency requirements, with expert feeds

100+ Legal templates to avoid legal fees

Global support community with great insights, agent reviews,  webinars, and network opportunities.


(SMART) Business Registration

Incorporation in >35 countries

Low in fees and high in effciency

Easy onboarding process

Guaranteed Residency Schemes

Guaranteed Bank Account (based on pre-approval)

Virtual Offices in 4.000+ Locations 

+100 Offer Reviews

Innovation as our highest standard

"Amazon required me to register a local branch to expand to EU. With HoC, this was piece of cake, and no accountant was needed!"

James Franco, Amazon trader

Our Most Popular Features

Expanding to a new market has never been this easy. A one-stop-shop portal to deal with your new address, business, bank account, VAT ID, how to become an employer and so much more! 

Available in these countries

a smart Era for 


Blog & Guide Overview

Business registration is typically the first considered step to enter a new market.

And with this consideration, comes the input of lawyers, accountants and other 'professionals'. 

House of Companies is the first agent & service independent platform, which means that our sole aim is to enable your venture to global expansion. Whichever country you select, and however simple or complex your legal structure might look. 


Our approach is to determine if you need a local company at all, or if we can help you with a tax ID, Employer of Record, or even a Market Place registration, without setting up a company. More then often, this is the case! A branch registration is also a preferred method to enter a market. If so, our Playbooks guide you through it, or our personalised Entity Roadmap would provide a bespoke plan of action, and an account manager. 

Branching Out

as the new


Enter our 'eBranch' solution—an all-encompassing digital tool designed to simplify the process of registering your enterprise, securing Tax IDs and even assures an IBAN Payment account. Innovation comes knocking! 


The landscape of the corporate and fintech sectors has undergone significant transformation in recent years.
Entrepreneurs have become global, which has propelled their need for adaptable solutions to seamlessly penetrate new markets.

The conventional corporate structure and location-specific formation requirements have proven to be a hindrance for global entrepreneurs, interfering with their independence. Instead of being innovative, accountants and lawyers often focus on securing prolongated contracts - from accounting to secretarial services, even when you may already possess a highly competent back office located in a more economical and trusted environment.

Branch Registration in Germany
Branch Registration in Switzerland
Branch Registration in Spain
Why is the eBranch the best solutions?
Branch Registration in Belgium
Branch Registration in Austria
Branch Registration in United Kingdom
Branch Registration in Portugal
How our ebranch works in a nutshell
HoC_LinkedInAdd 1.png

Wherever I pay tax, that’s my home.

Feel welcome, and try out our solutions and community, to bring your business a step closer to international expansion.

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