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Successful Entrepreneurs chasing International Growth
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Try our Workbook for Free, or get familiar with our Roadmaps and Offers that will help you enter a new market. 

Trusted by 1000+ Entrepreneurs, Incubators & Service Providers Globally

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Enter New Markets 
With(out) Company Formation

Founders worldwide have used our Entity Portal to start a business overseas, without a local company formation, and without the involvement of an accountant or lawyer! Empower your business with our self-service portal and support community. 

"Amazon required me to register a local branch to expand to EU. With HoC, this was piece of cake, and no accountant was needed!"

James Franco, Amazon trader

Claim Independence From Professionals
To Start and Run a Business

By fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial support community, and 'Globalisation as a Service', House of Companies is breaking down the traditional barriers that have hindered entrepreneurs for far too long. No longer will they be bound by the constraints of accountants and lawyers (no offense to them, of course).

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Knowledge and expertise is your key to success to successfully starting a company in a new market. Don't know if you are ready yet? We offer a workbook on steriods, based on your unique scenario, our team prepares a step by step overview on how to enter your new market, and which tax & legal matters to consider. With 1 year support!


Add your Entity in our Portal to easily open a corporate bank account, get a TAX ID, or deal with other corporate affairs in your new country, without dealing with an expensive middle man. Our Portal offers community feedback, and personal expert input, all at a fixed fee per year. 

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a Company Formation Portal 
wrapped in a
entrepreurship is Empowered
and success is Multiplied

In today's interconnected world, going global is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. Conventional methods of international expansion often come with hefty investments in corporate structuring, legal and accounting expenses.

But fear not, because the Entity Management portal is here to offer a streamlined and cost-effective approach to company formation and any corporate service you require to run your business.

Ready for Incorporation?
 Or Relocation?

Are you daydreaming about taking your business worldwide but worried about the hefty price tag? Well, fret no more!
We transformed the process of starting a company abroad with Global (incorporation) Offers (also including readymade shelf companies).
This cutting-edge platform helps you expand internationally without emptying your pockets, and becoming fully reliant on a local agent, lawyer or accountant, because you can manage your company in an agent-independent Entity Portal. 

This will provide you access to services as Bank Account Opening, and Playbooks related to Tax Compliance and more! 

Estonia (OÜ) + registered office + IBAN Payment Account

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Remote company formation (one director/shareholder) incl. Formation Deed & common statutory documents. Worldwide nationals accepted. Including guidance to apply for eResidency. 

€ 784

HoC Members Exclusive

Priority Onboarding

100+ reviews

Track progress online

Normal rate: € 1.079

Including access to Entity Management

DEAL TYPE:  100% online         EXPIRY:  

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Spain Freelance Registration


Ideal for expats and digital nomads: Including registration at Social Security and Tax Office. Worldwide nationals accepted*.

Alternatively, for SME's, is Branch Registration in Spain available at the same price!

€ 799

HoC Members Exclusive

Priority Onboarding

100+ reviews

Track progress online

Normal rate: € 1.500

Free access to Entity Management

DEAL TYPE:  100% online         EXPIRY:  

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Portugal Entrepreneurship Visa


Application of Residency Visa incl. 2 personal visits (visa invitation letters) and full process (approx 6-9 months). Worldwide nationals accepted*. Including Invitation letter for travel Visa, Airport pickup, and personal guidance at SEF (Immigration office)

 € 3.500

HoC Members Exclusive

No cure, no Pay

100+ reviews

Track progress online

Normal rate: € 3.795

Free access to Entity Management

DEAL TYPE:  100% online    EXPIRY:  

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Virtual Office or Statutory Seat


Use a virtual office at a prestigious business center to receive mail, or meet clients in a Board Room. 

Starting at € 55 pm

HoC Members Exclusive

4.000 locations via one form

One Day Service

100+ reviews

15% discount on normal rates

Access to full office facilities such as phone answering, scan and forwarding

Online Mail Room

DEAL TYPE:  100% online   EXPIRY:  

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20 days 16 hours.png

NGO/Non-profit Charitable Foundation


Remote company formation (Foundation) incl. Formation Deed & common statutory documents, with tax-free NGO Status. Worldwide nationals accepted.

€ 1.200
Free of Charge for qualifiying NGO's!

HoC Members Exclusive

Priority Onboarding

100+ reviews

Track progress online

Normal rate: € 1.800

Including access to Entity Management

DEAL TYPE:  100% online         EXPIRY:  

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No expiry.png

(tax free) DAO (blockchain)  Foundation


Popular choice for DAOs and for tokenization purposes. Issuance of legal (ownership) certificates at extra fee. Remote company formation (Stichting) incl. Formation Deed & common statutory documents. Worldwide nationals accepted.

€ 2095

HoC Members Exclusive

Priority Onboarding

100+ reviews

Track progress online

Normal rate: € 2.500

Including access to Entity Management

DEAL TYPE:  100% online         EXPIRY:  

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No expiry.png

Offshore International Business Company + Registered Address/Agent

bvi flag.png

Popular choice for Digital Nomads, Remote Workers and Global Citizens. A taxfree IBC in BVI with minimal reporting requirements. .  Remote company formation (Stichting) incl. Certificate of Incorporation & common statutory documents. Worldwide nationals accepted.

€ 950

HoC Members Exclusive

Our Mission is to ultimately develop self-service variants of all Global Offers (such as company formation), and include them into our basic Entity Portal. Local bureaucracies don't always allow this, but with time, governments will follow our mission, to empower entrepreneurs, and avoid the involvement of a notary or lawyer where possible, for the purpose of starting a business.

Popular topics to get you familiar with the essentials on entering a new market


Register a branch of your current LTD in >10 countries


Our Self Service portal allows you to apply for residency without legal fees!


Bank Account Opening

Get Pre-Approved and access to guaranteed IBAN Payment accounts. 


Find a Facilitator, Write a Deck or Plan, and Start your Application with our help.

a new Era for 

Company formation is typically the first considered step to enter a new market.

And with this consideration, comes the input of lawyers, accountants and other 'professionals'. 

House of Companies is the first agent & service independent platform, which means that our sole aim is to enable your venture to global expansion. Whichever country you select, and however simple or complex your legal structure might look. 


Our approach is to determine if you need a local company at all, or if we can help you with a tax ID, Employer of Record, or even a Market Place registration, without setting up a company. More then often, this is the case! If so, our Playbooks guide you through it, or our personalised Entity Roadmap would provide a bespoke plan of action, and an account manager. 

Why entrepreneurs and founders love House of Companies


Entity Management Roadmap


incl. 1 year 'Entity under Formation' support

Interactive Entity Management Roadmap focused on tax & legal consequences.

Access to 'How to enter markets'- webinars

(Personalized) Corporate and Salary tax Calclations

Advice on best Corporate Structure and market Entry Strategy


Entity Management


billed annually
trial available in portal

Private Entity Portal which belongs to you, not the agent

How to enter markets webinars

Compliance Calendar, to keep your company in goodstanding (even without agent)

250+ Playbooks to handle corporate, tax and residency requirements, with expert feeds

100+ Legal templates to avoid legal fees

Global support community with great insights, agent reviews,  webinars, and network opportunities.


Our Offers

Pay as you Go
Market Place

Incorporation in >35 countries

Low in fees and high in effciency

Easy onboarding process

Guaranteed Residency Schemes

Guaranteed Bank Account (based on pre-approval)

Virtual Offices in 4.000+ Locations 

+100 Offer Reviews

Innovation as our highest standard

Wherever I pay tax, that’s my home.

Feel welcome, and try out our solutions and community, to bring your business a step closer to international expansion.

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