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Successful Entrepreneurs chasing International Growth ask these 10 Questions


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Founders Globally share a common preference


James Franco

Block Chain (South Africa)


Michelle Frankfurt

Non-Profit Organisation

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Mark Bower

Beauty Products Trading

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Steven Kelv

Trucking & Logistics

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Mark Nelson trader

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Cameron Blake

Recruitment & Payrolling

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Jamie Corten

Spice & Herbs Export

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Frank Ortlund

IT firm

To be independent from Licensed 
Professionals when running your business

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Interactive Roadmaps

To manage their global companies online, via one dashboard independent from any agent. Full control and centralized payment solutions, compliance calendars, and the most extensive library of Playbooks imaginable to keep your company in good-standing.

Entity Management

To get independent input on your market place entry strategy for the most cost-efficient approach and innovative solutions replacing the conformist corporate schemes and rates.

Timelines and agent comparisons in clear visualisation in clear and honest wordings what your tax and legal liabilities are and how to fulfill them.

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Be part of a Global Community where success is multiplied and entrepreneurship is empowered


Checkout these hottest Global Offers

Netherlands  (LTD) Formation


Remote company formation (BV) incl. Formation Deed & common statutory documents. Worldwide nationals accepted.

€ 799

HoC Members Exclusive

Priority Onboarding

100+ reviews

Track progress online

Normal rate: € 1.500

Including access to Entity Management

DEAL TYPE:  100% online         EXPIRY:  

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Netherlands Virtual Office


Use a virtual office at a prestigious business center to receive mail, or meet clients in a Board Room. 

Starting at € 55 pm

HoC Members Exclusive

4.000 locations via one form

One Day Service

100+ reviews

15% discount on normal rates

Access to full office facilities such as phone answering, scan and forwarding

Online Mail Room

DEAL TYPE:  100% online   EXPIRY:  

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Netherlands/Spain Freelance Registration


Including registration at Social Security and Tax Office. Worldwide nationals accepted*.

€ 799

HoC Members Exclusive

Priority Onboarding

100+ reviews

Track progress online

Normal rate: € 1.500

Free access to Entity Management

DEAL TYPE:  100% online         EXPIRY:  

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Portugal Entrepreneurship Visa


Application of Residency Visa incl. 2 personal visits (visa invitation letters) and full process (approx 6-9 months). Worldwide nationals accepted*.

 € 3.500

HoC Members Exclusive

No cure, no Pay

100+ reviews

Track progress online

Normal rate: € 1.500

Free access to Entity Management

DEAL TYPE:  100% online    EXPIRY:  

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Wherever we can, we are committed to include the offers, as default features in our Entity Management portal.  Some countries, and some legal processes will not allow this for the time being.

We hope that in 10 years from now, our Entity Management portal is fully autonomous and no more professional services should be needed.

Popular topics to get you familiar with the essentials on entering a new market

Why entrepreneurs and founders love House of Companies


Branch registration

Register a branch of your current LTD in >10 countries


Residency application

Complete your residency application with our help


Corporate Tax Filing

Get direct access to Tax Portals and save accounting fees.


Startup Visa

Find a Facilitator, Write a Deck or Plan, and Start your Application with our help.


Interactive Roadmap


incl. 1 year support

Country Reports & Insights

How to enter markets webinars


Entity Management


billed annually

Private Entity Portal which belongs to you, not the agent

How to enter markets webinars

Compliance Calendar, to keep your company in goodstanding (even without agent)

250+ Playbooks to handle corporate, tax and residency requirements, with expert feeds

100+ Legal templates to avoid legal fees

Global support community with great insights, agent reviews,  webinars, and network opportunities.


Our Offers

Pay as you go

Easy onboarding process

Global Offering

From Accounting to Residency

Innovative Solutions

+100 Offer Reviews


Wherever I pay tax, that’s my home.

Feel welcome, and try out our solutions and community, to bring your business a step closer to international expansion.

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