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Only for 'market participants'

EORI numbers are available for legal entities, such as a BV. But also for natural persons with a company - the sole proprietorship.

The EORI number is assigned by the Member State where the economic operator is established. An EORI number issued in 1 of the Member States is valid in all Member States. Dutch Customs informs all market participants who receive a Dutch EORI number in writing about this number.

EORI numbers are only issued to a legal unit. As a result, branches (business units of a legal unit) are not assigned an EORI number.

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When do you need the EORI number?

You need the EORI number when you file a declaration or apply for a permit. You also need an EORI number if you have the declaration made.

In most cases, you would apply for an EORI number, once your VAT number is active. A business can only have one active EORI number within the EU unless the business has also registered for a separate VAT number.

It takes approximately 3-5 working days to activate the EORI number, in case your company’s VAT number is already active.


  • A fiscal unit may not apply for an EORI number, but the underlying entities.

  • The company must have a valid legal form.

  • EORI numbers are available for legal persons, such as eg. But also for natural persons with a company - the sole proprietorship.

  • Branches do not receive their own EORI number, but use the number of the head office.

  • Do you want to know if an EORI number actually exists? Then do an EORI number check. Go to the EU database and enter the number. The EORI check then shows whether the number is valid.


How to get your EORI number

Do you or your customs broker only file a customs declaration in the Netherlands? In that case you can compile the EORI number yourself when you file a declaration for the first time or have it submitted, or apply for a permit at Customs. You can also apply for the EORI number via the application form mentioned below.

Do you also file a declaration abroad? Then you must always request the number.

In case you only file customs declaration in the Netherlands, you can compile your EORI number yourself:

  1. Start your EORI number with 'NL'.

  2. Put your RSIN behind 'NL'. Do you run a sole proprietorship? Then enter your citizen service number (BSN) here.

Does your RSIN / BSN consist of less than 9 digits? Then put as many zeros in front of your RSIN / BSN until the number consists of 9 digits.

You can use your EORI number immediately, and you do not have to provide it to the tax & Customs Administration. They can check and register the number automatically when you use it for the 1st time in your declaration or application for a permit.

With the form below  you apply for an EORI number for companies with the head office in the Netherlands. You can also give permission for your name and address data to be displayed in the EORI database of the European Commission.

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10 Chapters on Company Formation in the Netherlands

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TUTORIAL Apply for your EORI number in the Netherlands


Complete this form on your computer. For this you need Adobe Reader 9.0 or higher. Afterwards:

  • Fill in the form digitally (not by hand).

  • Mail the form (without putting your signature) to the e-mail address stated in the form.

If you fill in the form on your computer, it can be processed automatically by the Tax & Customs Administration to avoid delays (due to a large flow of  requests due to Brexit).

Our tutorial will provide you full translations of the complete form, and instructions on how to complete it.

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