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Branch Registration in the Netherlands: Becoming a Seller

Establishing a business presence in the Netherlands provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap into a vibrant ecommerce marketplace, particularly by leveraging platforms like This article will guide you on how to undertake branch registration in the Netherlands, allowing you to become a successful seller.

Understanding the Ecommerce Landscape in the Netherlands

In 2018, the Dutch spent over €23.7 billion on online sales, and a staggering 96% of the Dutch population bought one or more products online. is the largest online shop in the Netherlands, making it an attractive platform for entrepreneurs looking to venture into ecommerce.

Why Choose works with so-called Sales Partners, importing their products/prices and article descriptions, and making sales for them based on a provision fee. This strategy eliminates the need for sellers to create and manage their own webshops, offering a practically risk-free way to reach 10 million potential customers in the Netherlands.

Branch Registration: A Stepping Stone to Becoming a Seller

To start selling products through, you must register your business with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KVK). This registration provides you with a KVK number and a Dutch VAT number, both of which are necessary for selling products through

Why Register a Branch in the Netherlands?

Registering a branch in the Netherlands is an ideal alternative to setting up a local BV (Private Limited Company) – and it's the perfect solution for global entrepreneurs seeking to become Amazon or sellers. For a limited budget of €295, you can obtain your company number, VAT number, and a guaranteed IBAN.

The Benefits of Branch Registration

Branch registration offers several advantages. The process is flexible and cost-effective, making it an attractive option for entrepreneurs with a limited budget. Additionally, with branch registration, you can legally sell your products on, opening the door to a vast customer base.

Meeting's Service Standards

To ensure customer satisfaction, has set service standards that all sellers must meet. These standards include on-time delivery, a maximum cancellation percentage, providing a Track & Trace number for all parcel shipments, a customer rating of 8 or higher, and a quick response time to customer questions.

Logistic Services for Sellers

Choosing the right carrier for your product shipments is crucial. recommends using affiliated delivery services – PostNL, DPD, DHL, or Bpost – for a seamless delivery process. Providing a Track & Trace number for each package allows customers to follow their orders and enhances overall customer satisfaction.'s Performance Scores and Monitoring

After launch, measures and monitors daily partner performance based on several KPIs. These include 'Delivered on time', 'Cancellations', and 'Response time'. Sellers are expected to meet these performance scores to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain their status as a seller.

Branch Registration with House of Companies

House of Companies can assist you in setting up a branch in the Netherlands. Our Entity Management solution, offered as a Software as a Service, enables global entrepreneurs to manage their overseas business operations with ease.

As part of our Entity Management membership, we offer free branch registration, with a guaranteed bank account opening. Our branch registration service is the most flexible and cheapest available in Europe, making it ideal for, Amazon Sellers, and other ecommerce companies.

Our Entity Management solution is location and agent independent, allowing you to break free from company formation agents and lawyers, and run your company as you please.

In Conclusion

Branch registration in the Netherlands can serve as your gateway to becoming a successful seller. It provides an affordable and flexible solution for global entrepreneurs seeking to tap into the burgeoning Dutch ecommerce market. With the right guidance and support, you can establish a profitable business presence in the Netherlands and thrive as a seller.