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Chemical Trading in The Netherlands

Planning to start a company in the Netherlands that will trade in Chemicals?

You might have heared what REACH can do for you and how it works, but you still have many questions. That's why we'll start with the basics of REACH and show you what you can do best for Sodium hypochlorite.

What is REACH?

REACH is a new European regulation for chemicals. The abbreviation REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances. The aim of REACH is to limit and regulate the risks of chemical substances for humans and the environment.

Under the REACH Regulation, companies are obliged to identify the risks for ALL substances that they produce, process or pass on and to formulate measures to control those risks. They must also implement these measures themselves within their own company. With the introduction of REACH, the responsibility for adequate risk management of chemical substances no longer rests with the government, but with the business community.

You can read HERE how REACH works and what the consequences could be for you .

What obligations do I have under REACH?

Under REACH, you have specific obligations for each individual substance (In this case Sodium hypochlorite) that you manufacture, import or use. Your obligations depend on your role in the supply chain for each specific substance.

The easiest way to find out your REACH obligations is to go through the NAVIGATOR tool . Based on a number of questions, you determine your roles and obligations for the import of Sodium hypochlorite to the EU.

What now?

After you have identified your roles and obligations, the next step is to determine if you may need to register Sodium hypochlorite. Within REACH you are obliged to register if you make or import more than 1000 kg of a substance.

If you intend to register Sodium hypochlorite, you are obliged to inquire with ECHA whether a registration has already been submitted for this substance. This is done by submitting an Inquiry file. How to do this is described HERE .

Based on the information in the Inquiry dossier, ECHA refers you to the relevant page “co-registrants” in REACH-IT, where you can find the contact details of other registrants and potential registrants of Sodium hypochlorite. From here we cannot help you further. The lead registrant of Sodium hypochlorite will contact you how to proceed.

Note that you must also comply with the CLP regulations if a substance is classified (Safety information sheet).  

More information

Are you ready to incorporate your Dutch company, or register your branch in the Netherlands? Once your business in the Netherlands is started, can assist you to comply with all chemical trading regulations.

ECHA has developed a roadmap that can help you determine what you might need to do. See the 7 steps under registration stages. See Guidance for registration .

For your follow-up questions, also look at the frequently asked questions section at https: // www. chemicals and goods regulated. nl / frequently asked-questions