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How to Quickly Renew Your BSN Number Online

Looking to renew your BSN number online? We've got you covered! In this article, we'll guide you through the easy steps to renew your BSN number from home. Online renewal is convenient, saving you time and hassle. It's a great option for busy professionals and parents, allowing you to focus on your schedule without worrying about documentation.

Understanding the Renewal Process for Your BSN Number

Determining Your BSN Number Status

When it's time to renew your BSN number, the first step is to check if it's still valid. Then, make sure you've met all the requirements to keep it active. If there are any issues with your BSN number, address them before renewing. Looking at real examples of people who didn't renew on time can show why it's important to keep your BSN number active.

Requirements for Keeping Your BSN Number Active

To keep your BSN number active, registered nurses must complete a specific number of continuing education hours every few years. It's important to stay informed about these requirements to keep your BSN number in good standing.

If your BSN number becomes inactive or lapses, you may need to go through a reinstatement process. This process could involve fulfilling additional education hours, paying a reinstatement fee, or taking an exam.

Having an inactive or lapsed BSN number can have serious consequences. These include not being able to legally practice as a registered nurse, missing out on job opportunities, and potential harm to your professional reputation.

It's essential to be proactive in maintaining the active status of your BSN number to avoid these negative outcomes.

Consequences of an Inactive or Lapsed BSN Number

Allowing a BSN number to become inactive or lapsed may make it hard to find nursing jobs. It could also lead to losing professional connections and certifications.

To fix this, individuals need to meet their state's board of nursing renewal requirements. This usually means completing continuing education courses and paying renewal fees.

Some cases might have penalties or extra requirements, like retaking certification exams or doing a certain number of practice hours before getting reinstated.

So, it's really important for individuals to know about the renewal process and avoid the downsides of having an inactive or lapsed BSN number.

Step-by-Step Process to Renew BSN Number Online

Instructions for Online BSN Number Renewal

Renewing a BSN number online is easy. Here's how:

  1. Gather your identification, address, and proof of BSN number.

  2. Go to the official website and fill out the online renewal form with your personal information.

  3. Pay the renewal fee online and submit the form.

  4. Once submitted, your BSN number will be renewed, and a new card will be sent to your address.

Remember to renew before it expires to keep your BSN number active.

If it becomes inactive, you can reinstate it online by completing an application form, paying the fee, and explaining the lapse. You may also need to meet continuing education requirements.

Reinstatement of an Inactive or Lapsed BSN Number

To get back an inactive or lapsed BSN number, you need to do a few things. These include taking continuing education classes and paying fees. You may also need to fill out an application, show proof of meeting the requirements, and pay extra fees. In some states, you might have to retake the NCLEX exam or do a refresher course. If your BSN number is inactive or lapsed, you might not be able to work as a nurse or have limits on what you can do.

It's really important to know the rules for gettingyour BSN number back in your state to avoid any problems.

Maintain an Active BSN Number Through Continued Education

Continuing Education Requirements for BSN Renewal

Nurses need to renew their BSN number by fulfilling specific continuing education requirements. This usually means completing a certain number of education hours within a set time, like every two years. The required hours can vary by state, from 20 to 30 hours. Nurses can earn these hours through various types of courses, like online modules, workshops, or seminars, as long as they're approved by the state board of nursing.

This helps nurses stay current with the latest in the field and keep improving their skills.

Advanced Practice and Specialization Renewal Requirements

Advanced Practice Nursing License Renewal

Renewing a BSN number and advanced practice nursing license involves completing a certain number of continuing education hours, which varies by state. This ensures that nurses are updated with the latest healthcare practices and standards. License renewal also requires paying a fee to the state board of nursing.

Letting the advanced practice nursing license become inactive can lead to serious consequences, including being unable to practice until the license is reinstated. Reinstating an inactive or lapsed license may involve completing additional continuing education or other requirements, which can be time-consuming and costly.

It's important for nurses to understand their state's specific requirements and submit the renewal application well before the expiration date to avoid any issues.

Renewal for Specialty Certificates

To renew a specialty certificate, nurses need to:

  1. Complete the renewal application.

  2. Meet continuing education requirements from the certification board. This may include a specific number of contact hours or credits in the specialty area.

  3. For inactive or lapsed certificates, nurses might need to complete additional renewal requirements like a refresher course or retaking the certification exam.

Letting a specialty certificate become inactive or lapsed can lead to losing the credential, which could affect career advancement and the ability to practice in a specific specialty. It's important for nurses to stay informed about renewal requirements and complete them on time to keep their specialty certificate active and current.

Benefits of Maintaining an Active BSN Number

Advantages of an Uninterrupted BSN Status

Maintaining an uninterrupted BSN status has several advantages in the nursing profession. It provides continuity and stability in a career. This ensures that licenses, certifications, and credentials are up to date, benefitting prospective students. Employers often prioritize candidates with active, uninterrupted BSN statuses when considering applicants for competitive program options.

An uninterrupted BSN status also allows nurses to transition between jobs seamlessly, ensuring their qualifications remain current and in good standing. On the other hand, an inactive or lapsed BSN number can present barriers to employment and career advancement. It may require additional time and resources to reinstate.

Prospective Student Inquiries and Program Options

Prospective students who want to renew their BSN number have different program options to choose from. They can do online courses, go to traditional classrooms, or pick a hybrid program that mixes both. These options let students select a way of learning that suits their schedule and preferences.

To keep an active BSN number, prospective students must make sure they meet specific requirements. This includes finishing a certain number of continuing education hours and keeping up with licensure fees. If they don't meet these requirements, their BSN number can become inactive or expire. This might mean they can't work as a registered nurse or might face legal issues.

Prospective students can avoid these problems by learning about the renewal process, staying organized with their education and professional needs, and getting help from their program advisors or local nursing boards when needed.

FAQs About How to Renew BSN Number

Common Questions Regarding BSN Number Renewal

To keep your BSN number active, you need to renew it every five years. This is a requirement from the Social Security Administration. If you don't renew it, your BSN number will become inactive. This can cause problems when filing taxes, applying for jobs, or getting government assistance.

To renew your BSN number online, you need to fill out the application form on the Social Security Administration's website. You also need to provide documents like proof of identity and citizenship. You'll be asked for info about your work history and any changes in your medical status.

Following these steps will renew your BSN number and keep you in good standing with the Social Security Administration.

Troubleshooting the Renewal Process

Issues during BSN number renewal may include problems with the online platform, forgotten login details, and missing documents. To solve these issues, contact the authorities for help and check personal information accuracy. Consider other renewal options if online renewal is difficult and seek help from customer support. If a BSN number becomes inactive, certain steps must be taken to reactivate it, such as submitting updated documents and paying any outstanding fees.

This ensures the BSN number stays valid and current.


Renewing your BSN number online is easy. Just go to the official website and follow the instructions to fill out forms and submit documentation. Use a secure payment method to pay the renewal fee. Your BSN number will be updated quickly for official purposes.