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How to register your European IP at the EUIPO yourself! No Patent lawyer needed!

As a global entrepreneur, expanding your business to Europe can be an exciting and lucrative opportunity. One of the essential steps in protecting your brand and intellectual property (IP) is to register for a European Union Trademark (EUTM) with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of registering your European IP at EUIPO, ensuring that your brand is safeguarded and your business can thrive in the European market.

Understanding the European Union Trademark (EUTM)

What is an EU Trademark and who can get one?

A European Union Trademark, or EUTM, grants you exclusive rights over distinctive signs that identify and differentiate your brand from others. These signs can include logos, names, images, colors, patterns, shapes, packaging, sounds, and even smells. Any small or medium-sized company based in the European Union can apply for an EUTM and protect their brand across all EU countries.

Scope and duration of IP protection

Once registered, an EUTM provides protection for your brand across all EU countries for a period of 10 years. It is important to note that the protection must be renewed after the initial 10-year period to maintain the exclusive rights to your trademark.

The Application Process

Step 1: Conduct a Trademark Search

Before filing your EUTM application, it is crucial to conduct a thorough trademark search to ensure that your logo or brand is not already registered. The EUIPO provides free online tools such as eSearch plus and TMview, which allow you to search for existing trademarks using both text and image recognition.

Step 2: File the EUIPO Trademark Application

The next step is to file your EUIPO trademark application. The application process can be completed online through the official EUIPO website. There are two options available: the Fast Track and the Advanced Form.

Fast Track

The Fast Track option is recommended for most trademarks as it is the most efficient way to protect your brand quickly. This option allows for faster processing, with applications typically being processed 50% faster and published within 3 weeks. To apply for the Fast Track option, payment of the application fee (€850) must be made upfront. It is important to carefully input the goods and services you will provide under the trademark, as this will determine the classification of your trademark.

Advanced Form

The Advanced Form should be used for more complex applications that involve customized goods and services submissions, collective marks, international trademark transformations, or the use of multiple languages in the application. This form allows for more flexibility in providing detailed information about your trademark.

Step 3: Examination Period

Once your application is filed, an EUIPO examiner will review your trademark application. Within one month, you will be notified if there are any issues or concerns regarding your application. If any issues arise, you will have a two-month period to address and resolve them. Common issues may include innocent mistakes in the application form or concerns about the distinctiveness of your trademark.

Step 4: Trademark Publication

If your application is provisionally approved, your trademark will be published in the EU Trademark Bulletin for a period of three months. During this time, third parties have the opportunity to review your mark and file a notice of opposition if they believe it is too similar to their own trademark. If no oppositions are filed, your application will proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Trademark Issuance

Congratulations! If no oppositions have been filed and your application is in order, your trademark will be approved by the EUIPO. Within six months of publication, you will receive a registration certificate, which grants you exclusive legal rights to use your trademark throughout the European Union.

IP Monitoring and Trademark Renewal

IP Monitoring

Even after obtaining your EUTM, it is crucial to monitor and protect your intellectual property. In partnership with [insert partner's name], we offer IP monitoring services to ensure that your brand remains free from infringement and unauthorized use. Our monitoring services provide comprehensive coverage and prompt alerts whenever potential infringements are detected.

Trademark Renewal

It is important to note that your EUTM is only protected for 10 years. At the end of this period, you must file for a renewal to maintain the protection of your trademark. Careful management of the renewal process is essential, as the EUIPO will not send reminders when your protection is about to expire.

Frequently Asked Questions

To provide further clarity, let's address some common questions that arise during the EUTM registration process:

Who can file an EU trademark application?

Any small or medium-sized company based in the European Union can file an EU trademark application.

In which language must the application be filed?

The application can be filed in any of the official languages of the European Union, including English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Can I file an application via email?

No, the application must be filed online through the official EUIPO website.

Can I register my company name and/or logo as an EUTM?

Yes, both company names and logos are eligible for registration as EUTMs.

Can an EU trademark registration protect me from others using a similar domain name?

While an EU trademark registration provides protection for your brand, it does not automatically prevent others from using a similar domain name. Additional actions may be required to address domain name conflicts.

Can I add another class after filing my application?

Yes, it is possible to add another class to your application after it has been filed. However, additional fees may apply.

Can I alter my mark after filing my application?

No, once the application has been filed, you cannot alter the mark. It is important to carefully review and verify the accuracy of your application before submission.

Is it possible to request an expedited examination of my application?

Yes, it is possible to request an expedited examination of your application. This can be done through the Fast Track option mentioned earlier.

How much does a class cost, and what happens if I want to add a class?

The cost of each class is determined by the EUIPO fee schedule. If you want to add a class after filing your application, additional fees will apply.

What is the difference between absolute and relative grounds for refusal of an EUTM application?

Absolute grounds for refusal refer to criteria set by law that determine whether a trademark can be registered based on its distinctiveness, descriptiveness, or other factors. Relative grounds for refusal relate to conflicts with existing trademarks or rights held by others.

Can an EU trademark application that has been refused be converted into a national trademark application?

Yes, in certain cases, an EU trademark application that has been refused can be converted into a national trademark application.

Ready to register your Trademark at House of Companies?

Registering your European IP at EUIPO is a crucial step in protecting your brand and ensuring its success in the European market. By following the application process outlined in this guide, you can secure exclusive rights to your trademark and confidently expand your business. Remember to monitor your IP and renew your trademark to maintain its protection. If you have any further questions or need assistance with the registration process, our experienced IP specialists are ready to help.