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The foundation ‘Incubators for Immigrants‘ wants to help refugees to build a new economic and independent existence in the Netherlands. The foundation, a true Incubator, offers the refugees knowledge, support and assistance with the set-up of their own private Dutch company. “In this way, the chances of a quick residence permit is more likely to happen, these people will have a goal which they can focus on and they will deliver an economic contribution to the Dutch society,” Dennis Vermeulen said – initiator and co-founder of the foundation.

Vermeulen finds the hopelessness of the flood of refugees troubling. The image that the refugees are a burden to our society, is increasing fast. Vermeulen: “The word refugee is starting to have a negative connotation. We think of it as a group, but they are all people and individuals with different backgrounds and capacities. What we want to do, is to give the entrepreneurs in this group a chance to give their lives a meaningful existence in the Netherlands.”

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