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Open a shop in the Netherlands

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

Can’t wait to open a shop in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is becoming a favorite destination among foreigners who are looking to open a business overseas or expand their current businesses to foreign markets. This is due to the resilient and growing Dutch economy, the welcoming and stable business environment in the Netherlands, as well as favorable tax rates for overseas businesses to establish an office in the country. The Netherlands is also known for its strong tech industry, leading many tech start-ups to set up shop in the Netherlands.

Another draw-card is the ease with which one can open a shop in the Netherlands. There are very few licenses and permits, if any, required to open a shop in the Netherlands, the country has an incredible logistics infrastructure that ensures the swift delivery of products, and the majority of goods sold are sourced from local producers, especially fast-moving consumer goods. This makes opening a shop in the Netherlands a potentially lucrative option for investors. There are almost endless opportunities to open a shop in the Netherlands.

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How do I open a shop in the Netherlands?

  • The first thing you have to do when starting a Dutch business is to register a Dutch company with the Dutch Trade Register, which must include the mandatory NACE (Nomenclature of Economic Activities) number. For shops, the numbers are as follows (depending on the type of operation): Section G; Division 47; Group 47.1 - 47.9; Class 47.11, 47.19, 47.21 - 47.29, 47.30, 47.41 - 47.43, 47.51 - 47.59, 47.61 - 47.65, 47.71 - 47.79, 48.81 - 47.89, 47.91, 47.99.

  • If you plan on selling FMCG goods, you need to get the relevant licenses. These include:

  • License from local municipal authorities to market FMCG products.

  • Import licenses if you’d like to import goods.

  • Special licenses to sell goods like tobacco, food, and beverages.

  • One of the most registered types of companies to start a Dutch shop is the limited liability company, or Dutch BV.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I require a license to operate a shop in the Netherlands?


Why is The Netherlands such a good place to start a shop?

  • The Netherlands is a popular international tourist destination.

  • Cutting edge infrastructure and expertise to ensure the swift delivery of your products.

  • One of the fastest-growing economies in Europe.

  • The Netherlands has a very resilient and stable business environment.

  • Highly skilled workforce.

  • Increasing disposable income of Dutch residents.

  • Moderately competitive marketplace allows small and medium businesses to thrive.

How long does it take to start a shop in the Netherlands?

Starting a Dutch company usually takes between 2-5 days. However, if you require a license to run a particular type of shop in the Netherlands, it may take a bit longer. Call us to find out more.

Can I start a shop in the Netherlands as a non-Dutch or EU citizen?

Yes. The Dutch government allows foreigners to start a Dutch company or bring their existing business from abroad. However, certain legal conditions apply.

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