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Relocate Staff to the Netherlands by Using a Global Employer of Record (EOR) with Sponsor Status from the IND

If you plan to relocate staff to the Netherlands you might have read our full guide on the Netherlands, in which we explain several methods, such as the ICT permit.

The ICT permit, as discussed in a previous blog, is only applicable for staff members that worked in your organisation for at least 3 months, and will make a decent salary (in line with their acivities).The Highly Skilled Migrant scheme, is even more complicated, as the Dutch company must obtain a sponsorship status, which can take 6 months or so. However the advantage is that you can use this scheme for NEW employees as well.

There is an option, that solves the fact that you might want to relocate a new staff member immediately (or employ a staff member that already is based in The Netherlands, based on a work visa at a current sponsor).

This option concerns the use of a PEO, Professional Employment Organisation, that will payroll the staff member on your behalf, and, can also act as the Immigration Sponsor.This scheme is very easy, and although the same (salary) conditions apply as for the HSM scheme, the permit will be granted in about 6 weeks!

Having said that. Its does not come cheap.The Netherlands is not cheap. Taxes are high, the minimum salary required is (relative) high, and the PEO will charge a monthly margin of about 1.000 EUR per month. But, we definitely have assisted quit some organisations, and it you need our help, join our Entity Portal, and we connect you to the perfect PEO in the Netherlands!

Looking for the cheapest way to relocate your staff to the Netherlands?

Circling back to the ICT Permit, you have two options:

  • You register a branch of your existing company

  • You incorporate a subsidiairy in the form of a Dutch BV, fully owned by your head office

As mentioned, the employee must be on your 'head office' payroll for at least three months, and he need to make an average wage in the Netherlands. This scheme does not work for low skilled labor.

The cheapest option, is definetely to register a branch (295 EUR) and become a Employer of Record yourself (included in our Annual Service) and apply for the ICT permit (for which we provide a full Playbook, and expert guidance.)