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The Branch as an alternative to a Legal Entity in the Netherlands for online Market Sellers

In the world of e-commerce and online marketplaces, the way businesses operate is constantly evolving. Entrepreneurs and companies are continuously seeking new opportunities to extend their reach and expand their operations. One such opportunity lies in the Netherlands, where a unique strategy is gaining traction: branch registration.

Branch registration is a process that allows a foreign business entity to establish a branch in the Netherlands without creating a new legal entity. This procedure is facilitated by the Kamer van Koophandel (KvK), the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The branch can obtain a company number and a VAT number, enabling it to operate legally and efficiently in the Netherlands.

This article will explore the concept of branch registration, its advantages, and the process of onboarding onto online marketplaces such as and Furthermore, we'll discuss how House of Companies, an Entity Management provider, can help you with branch registration efficiently and affordably.

Branch Registration: A Closer Look

A branch registration in the Netherlands is a process where a company based outside of the Netherlands sets up a 'branch' in the country. This branch is not a separate legal entity but operates as an extension of the parent company.

Unlike setting up a subsidiary, which requires the establishment of a new legal entity, branch registration is more straightforward and can be completed remotely and without the involvement of a notary. The process is so efficient that it can typically be completed within one working day.

Advantages of Branch Registration

Branch registration comes with several advantages that can be particularly appealing to global entrepreneurs:

1. Simplified Process: As mentioned earlier, the process of branch registration is more straightforward than setting up a subsidiary. It requires less paperwork and can be completed remotely, making it a more accessible option for international businesses.

2. Cost-Effective: Branch registration is generally more cost-effective than establishing a new legal entity. Because it operates as an extension of the parent company, it does not require a separate capital investment.

3. Flexibility: A branch operates under the same legal framework as the parent company, allowing it to leverage the parent company's resources and capabilities. This can provide the branch with greater flexibility in its operations.

4. Increased Reach: Branch registration allows a company to extend its reach into the Netherlands, opening up new market opportunities.

5. Legal and Tax Benefits: A branch can obtain a company number and a VAT number in the Netherlands, providing it with certain legal and tax advantages.

Online Marketplace Onboarding: and

Once a branch is registered in the Netherlands, it can onboard onto various online marketplaces, such as and These platforms provide a vast customer base and a robust infrastructure for selling a wide range of products., the Dutch branch of the global e-commerce giant Amazon, allows both Dutch and foreign sellers to register their accounts and sell their products. started as a platform for e-book purchases but eventually expanded to offer a full e-commerce experience, including third-party sellers.

To create an seller account, sellers are charged a monthly fee of €39 (excluding VAT), but they gain the ability to sell their products on every Amazon marketplace in Europe, including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. is the leading online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium, offering over 16 million products across a wide range of categories. Like, also allows third-party sellers to register and sell their products on the platform.

However, to sell on, your company must be registered in the Netherlands or Belgium. This is where branch registration can be particularly beneficial, as it allows foreign companies to meet this requirement and access the marketplace.

Branch Registration with House of Companies

As an Entity Management provider, House of Companies offers a range of services to assist global entrepreneurs in setting up and managing their businesses overseas. One of these services is branch registration.

House of Companies has direct communication with both Amazon and concerning the onboarding process of new sellers. They facilitate the registration process, ensuring that it is completed efficiently and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

With their Entity Management membership, House of Companies offers free branch registration, with a guaranteed bank account opening. Known for its flexibility and affordability, their branch registration service is ideal for, Amazon Sellers, and other e-commerce companies.

Moreover, their Entity Management solution is location and agent independent, freeing you from dependence on company formation agents and lawyers. This allows you to run your company as you please, focusing on what you do best - growing your business.

So get Started! or Contact us!

Branch registration in the Netherlands presents a significant opportunity for global entrepreneurs looking to expand into new markets. With its simplified process, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, it offers a practical and efficient way to access online marketplaces like and

House of Companies, with its expertise in Entity Management and branch registration, is well-positioned to facilitate this process, providing global entrepreneurs with the support they need to expand their operations and seize new opportunities.

Whether you're just starting your entrepreneurial journey or looking to expand your existing business, consider the benefits of branch registration in the Netherlands. With the right support and guidance, you could be well on your way to establishing a strong presence in one of Europe's most vibrant economies.

For further assistance and queries, feel free to contact House of Companies. As an essential partner for entrepreneurs, they are committed to empowering businesses and making the process of setting up overseas straightforward and accessible.

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House of Companies launches the Entity Management Portal wrapped in an entrepreneurial community.

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