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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Opening a Dutch Branch for Your UK LTD

Expanding a business internationally requires you to understand the options, and figure out the best corporate structure. The rules, regulations, and procedures can seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to setting up a branch or a subsidiary. But, fear not, global entrepreneurs! This guide will elucidate the process of registering a branch in the Netherlands for your UK LTD, making it child's play to start a business in the Netherlands.

Why Choose a Branch over a Subsidiary?

Choosing to register your UK LTD as a branch in the Netherlands has several advantages over setting up a Dutch BV (limited liability company). A branch is not only more cost-effective but also offers more flexibility, allowing you to make corporate modifications from the comfort of your UK office without needing to liaise with a Dutch notary.

In addition, branches can distribute dividends to the UK shareholder, free from the standard 15% withholding tax that Dutch BVs are subject to.

The Simplified Branch Registration Process

At, we've simplified the process of registering a branch. We can get your branch registered within a week, or even on the same day if the Founder is present or has provided us with a legalised Power of Attorney.

The registration fees are a mere 595 EUR, plus approximately 1.200 EUR per annum for the statutory seat in the Netherlands. Our annual agent fees are an affordable 295 EUR.

The Branch Registration Procedure

Step 1: Legalised KYC and Statutory Documents

We will require a fully legalised set of KYC (Know Your Customer) documents, along with statutory documents. These include a recent Current Appointments Report or a Legal Opinion from your Solicitor, which we can also draft.

Don't fret about translating your UK LTD statutory documents. There's absolutely no need for that.

Step 2: Registering the Branch

Once we have all the necessary documents, we can proceed with the branch registration. The branch may choose to register as a representative office, meaning it has no tax liabilities. Only when the branch registers for VAT, Employer, or operational activities generating revenue, will it be necessary to register for the applicable tax numbers.

Step 3: Opening a Bank Account

With the branch registration complete, the next step is to open a bank account. guarantees the issuance of an IBAN payment account for the branch. Alternatively, you can request your UK bank to issue an extra IBAN, as the branch is a legal extension of your UK LTD.

Step 4: Trade Name Registration

We can register a different or additional trade name in the Netherlands, at no extra cost to you. This trade name can be used by the client.

Step 5: Accounting Assistance and Maintenance

Your client's accountant will be able to file the corporate tax return based on our Playbook, which we provide along with direct government access. If you need our help with accounting, we're more than happy to assist.

The branch will only need to submit an abbreviated report at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, making it easy to maintain, especially while the branch is dormant.

So, global entrepreneurs, are you ready to take the leap and start a business in the Netherlands? Head over to our Branch Registration Form and get started on your journey! Your Trusted Partner in Business Expansion

At, we're not just about providing services. We're about building a community of global entrepreneurs and offering educational resources to simplify your business journey. With our core product, 'Entity Management', offered as a Software as a Service, we aim to empower you to run your company as you please.

Our Entity Management membership includes free branch registration, with a guaranteed bank account opening. We offer the most flexible and cost-effective branch registration service in Europe, making us the ideal choice for, Amazon Sellers, and other e-commerce companies.

Our head office is based in Alicante, Spain, with branches in Breda, Dusseldorf, Dublin, Geneva, and India. Our CEO, Dennis Vermeulen, leads a team of dedicated professionals committed to making setting up and managing a business overseas accessible and straightforward.