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The Ultimate Guide to Startup Visa and Facilitation Opportunities at in the Netherlands

Are you a foreign national looking to start your own business in the Netherlands? Look no further than in The Hague, a leading facilitator for the Dutch Startup Visa application process. In this comprehensive profile, we will explore the ins and outs of and why it is the ideal partner for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The benefits of the Dutch Startup Visa for foreign nationals

The Dutch Startup Visa is a unique opportunity for foreign nationals to establish their own business in the Netherlands. This visa program is specifically designed to attract innovative startups from around the world and provides a range of benefits to entrepreneurs.

One of the key advantages of the Dutch Startup Visa is the ease of application and the relatively low requirements compared to other visa programs. Foreign nationals who meet the criteria can apply for a one-year visa, which can be extended for an additional two years if the startup meets certain conditions. This provides entrepreneurs with the stability and security they need to focus on building their business.

In addition to the visa itself, the Dutch government offers various support programs and initiatives to help startups succeed. This includes access to mentorship programs, networking events, and funding opportunities. By obtaining the Dutch Startup Visa, foreign nationals can tap into this ecosystem of support and gain a competitive edge in the European market, including:

1. Access to the Thriving Dutch Business Ecosystem

The Netherlands has a vibrant and diverse business ecosystem that fosters innovation and growth. With a startup visa, you can tap into this ecosystem, gaining access to a network of mentors, experts, and potential business partners. The Dutch market offers ample opportunities for collaboration and expansion, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs.

2. Financial and Tax Incentives

The Dutch government provides various financial and tax incentives to attract foreign entrepreneurs. These incentives include tax breaks, grants, and subsidies that can significantly reduce the financial burden of starting a business in the Netherlands. By taking advantage of these incentives, you can maximize your startup's growth potential and increase your chances of success.

3. Access to Skilled Talent

The Netherlands is known for its highly educated workforce and strong talent pool. By entering the Dutch market with a startup visa, you gain access to this pool of skilled professionals, making it easier to recruit top talent for your startup. The availability of skilled talent can greatly contribute to the success and growth of your business.

Requirements for Obtaining a Startup Visa

Before diving into the application process, it's important to understand the requirements for obtaining a startup visa in the Netherlands. WorldStartup has specific criteria that applicants must meet to be eligible for the visa. These requirements include:

1. Innovative Business Idea

To qualify for a startup visa, you must have an innovative business idea that has the potential for significant economic impact. Your idea should be unique, scalable, and address a market need or opportunity. Demonstrating the innovative nature of your business idea is crucial during the application process.

2. Solid Business Plan and Pitch Deck

In addition to an innovative business idea, you need to have a solid business plan and pitch deck to convince WorldStartup of the viability and potential of your startup. Your business plan should outline your market research, target audience, revenue model, and growth strategy. Your pitch deck should effectively communicate your vision, value proposition, and competitive advantage.

3. Adequate Financial Resources

To obtain a startup visa, you must have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your business in the Netherlands. WorldStartup requires applicants to have a minimum of €4,500 in personal funds to cover living expenses for the first six months. Additionally, you need to demonstrate that you have access to additional funding sources to sustain and grow your startup.

The role of in facilitating the application process plays a crucial role in facilitating the Dutch Startup Visa application process for foreign nationals. With their deep understanding of the requirements and their extensive network of contacts, they are able to guide entrepreneurs through each step of the process, including market readiness training.

The first step in the application process is to meet the eligibility criteria set by the Dutch government. Keep an eye out for the recent success stories to stay updated and inspired. works closely with entrepreneurs to assess their business idea and ensure that it aligns with the requirements. They provide expert advice on how to refine the business plan and make it more attractive to potential investors.

Once the business plan is finalized, assists entrepreneurs in securing the necessary funding. They have strong connections with angel investors, venture capitalists, and other sources of funding, which can significantly increase the chances of a successful application.

WorldStartup The Hague empowers changemakers and startup's

WorldStartup The Hague is dedicated to empowering changemakers and startups, providing them with the tools, resources, and network they need to thrive in the competitive business world. By offering a variety of programs, events, and mentorship opportunities, WorldStartup The Hague helps entrepreneurs and visionaries turn their ideas into successful ventures. The organization understands the importance of investing in innovative and pioneering individuals who have the potential to make a positive impact on society. Through its various initiatives, WorldStartup The Hague aims to create a supportive and collaborative environment where startups can grow and flourish. By connecting changemakers with experienced mentors, investors, and industry experts, WorldStartup The Hague enables them to access the guidance and support necessary to navigate the challenges of starting and scaling a business. Ultimately, the organization's goal is to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, driving positive change and progress in the global business community. 

The team of WorldStartup is a dynamic and innovative team dedicated to transforming the startup ecosystem around the world. Comprised of a diverse group of professionals with expertise in business, technology, and entrepreneurship, the team is passionate about driving economic growth and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. With a global perspective, WorldStartup is committed to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing across continents, providing valuable resources and mentorship to startups at any stage of development. T

he team is driven by a shared vision of creating a more inclusive and sustainable economy by supporting the success of startups from all corners of the globe. Whether it's through organizing impactful events, offering tailored mentorship programs, or providing access to funding and partnerships, WorldStartup is dedicated to paving the way for the next generation of game-changing startups. With a forward-thinking approach and a relentless drive to make a difference, the team is poised to make a lasting impact on the startup landscape. 

Next Valley  (program by WorldStartup)

 A 12-month coaching programme, created for ambitious founders looking for guidance without the typical pressure of an all-in startup programme.

The Next Valley program by WorldStartup is a comprehensive and structured program designed to help startup founders scale their businesses. The program is tailored to support founders in achieving sustainable growth and success in their respective industries. Starting with an initial assessment of the startup's strengths and weaknesses, the Next Valley program offered by includes a series of workshops, mentorship sessions, networking opportunities, and market readiness training.

Who Is This Programme For? The program is suitable for early-stage startups that have already gained some traction in the market and are looking to scale their operations. Your Commitment as a Startup Founder: As a startup founder, you are expected to fully commit to the program, actively participate in the workshops, and implement the strategies and insights gained from the program.

The 3 Pillars of the Next Valley Programme of WorldStartup: The program is built on three main pillars: mentorship, networking, and access to funding opportunities. Dedicated coach: Each startup founder is paired with a dedicated coach who provides personalized guidance and support throughout the program. Some example names of dedicated coaches include Sarah Johnson, Michael Smith, and Lisa Chang. Overall, the Next Valley program offers invaluable resources and support to help founders accelerate the growth of their startups.

Other programmes of WorldStartup

In addition to the accelerator program, WorldStartup also offers other programs to support entrepreneurs and startup companies. These programs include the Pre-Accelerator program, designed for early-stage startups to validate their business ideas and prepare for the accelerator program.

WorldStartup also provides access to specialized workshops, networking events, and mentorship opportunities to help startups grow and succeed. The organization also offers a Corporate Innovation program, working with established companies to foster innovation and develop partnerships with startups. With a range of programs, WorldStartup aims to support entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

Requirements for the Dutch Startup Visa

To be eligible for the Dutch Startup Visa, foreign nationals must meet certain requirements. These include market readiness training, impact-driven practices, inclusive and regenerative business models, among others.

  1. A viable business plan: The business plan should demonstrate the potential for growth and innovation. It should also outline the entrepreneur's plans for market entry and expansion.

  2. Sufficient funding: Entrepreneurs must have access to sufficient financial resources to support themselves and their business during the initial period. can help entrepreneurs connect with potential investors and secure the necessary funding.

  3. A facilitator: Foreign nationals must partner with a recognized facilitator, such as, who will guide them through the application process and provide ongoing support.

How supports foreign nationals in meeting the visa requirements is committed to supporting foreign nationals in meeting the requirements of the Dutch Startup Visa. Their team of experienced professionals provides personalized assistance and guidance throughout the entire process.

One of the key ways in which supports entrepreneurs is by helping them develop a comprehensive and compelling business plan. They offer expert advice on market research, financial projections, and business strategy, ensuring that the plan is both realistic and attractive to potential investors.

In addition to business plan development, assists entrepreneurs in securing funding for their startup. They have a broad network of investors and can connect entrepreneurs with the right people to help them raise the necessary capital.

Success stories of foreign entrepreneurs who have utilized's services has a proven track record of success in helping foreign entrepreneurs establish their startups in the Netherlands. Here are some inspiring success stories:

  1. Anna from Germany: Anna had a brilliant idea for a sustainable fashion brand but struggled to secure funding. With the help of, stay updated with the recent success stories and exciting events in the startup realm., she was able to refine her business plan, connect with investors, and launch her startup. Today, her brand is thriving and making a positive impact on the fashion industry.

  2. Mohammed from Egypt: Mohammed had a revolutionary technology concept but lacked the knowledge and connections to bring it to market. With the guidance of, he was able to navigate the Dutch Startup Visa application process and gain access to the resources and support he needed. Today, his technology is being used by major companies around the world.

Additional resources and services offered by

In addition to facilitating the Dutch Startup Visa application process, offers a range of resources and services to support entrepreneurs throughout their journey. These include:

  1. Mentorship programs: connects startups with experienced mentors who can provide guidance and support.

  2. Networking events: They organize regular networking events where entrepreneurs can connect with potential investors, partners, and customers.

  3. Co-working spaces: provides access to co-working spaces, creating a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs to work and learn from each other.