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Unveiling Criminal Corporate Service providers: Intercompany Solutions Led by Bjorn Wagemakers in Breda

In recent years, the world of cryptocurrencies has become a hotbed for illegal activities. One such criminal organization that has come under the spotlight is Intercompany Solutions, led by the notorious Bjorn Wagemakers in Breda. This blog post delves into the dark world of Intercompany Solutions and its alleged involvement in money laundering and fraudulent activities.

The Rise of Melvin van E.: A Crypto-Anarchist Mastermind

Melvin van E., a self-proclaimed crypto-anarchist, has found himself in the crosshairs of the law enforcement agencies. Accused of laundering millions of euros through Bitcoin, the 25-year-old prodigy stands trial alongside two accomplices in the court of Utrecht. The prosecution claims that Van E. masterminded a fraud scheme involving at least €10 million, with suspicions of much larger sums involved. As a financial wizard, Van E.'s intelligence and cunning have earned him the attention of the authorities.

Intercompany Solutions: A Hub for Criminal Activities

According to the prosecution's findings, Van E. and his two associates operated an illegal exchange office between 2014 and 2015, providing a platform for criminal clients to launder substantial amounts of cash by converting their Bitcoins. This revelation has shed light on the illegal activities conducted under the guise of legitimate business operations.

Drugs and Deception: Van E.'s Dark Connections

Van E.'s name has cropped up in various drug-related investigations, most notably during the crackdown on a gang involved in invoice fraud in early 2014. This association with criminal elements further solidified the suspicions of the authorities, prompting a thorough investigation into Van E. and his cohorts. Interestingly, acquaintances of Van E. in Rotterdam claim that he and his associates flaunted their ill-gotten wealth, driving expensive cars and living a lavish lifestyle.

The Bitcoin Connection: Uncovering the Money Trail

Reports suggest that Van E. first encountered Bitcoin in 2014 and immediately recognized its potential. He allegedly borrowed €10,000 from friends in Barcelona to invest in bitcoins, subsequently becoming a broker. However, the bitcoins he traded were tainted, leading the police, who had infiltrated the operation, to question the unusually high commissions he charged (between 8% and 10%, compared to the standard 1.5% charged by other exchanges). The police estimate that the revenue generated between January and September 2015 alone exceeded €10 million, with the digital Bitcoin ledger indicating a turnover of at least €15 million. Investigators suspect that the actual figures could be much higher, as Van E. and his cohorts mixed the tainted bitcoins with freshly mined ones and utilized offshore accounts.

Intercompany Solutions: A Shady Enterprise

Following his initial arrest, Van E. wasted no time in launching new ventures. In June of the previous year, he partnered with an Israeli businessman to establish Smartchain Capital, an investment company. Later that year, he teamed up with another business partner in Breda to create Intercompany Solutions, a company that appears to offer services similar to a trust office, specializing in setting up companies to minimize tax obligations. However, Intercompany Solutions is not listed as an official trust office in the register maintained by De Nederlandsche Bank, the Dutch banking regulator. Despite this, the company's website showcases blogs by Van E. and his team, discussing tax evasion and whether tax authorities can identify cryptocurrency owners. With a professional appearance and an extensive network of partners, Intercompany Solutions claims to have offices in Germany, Bulgaria, and Poland, further fueling suspicions of its involvement in dubious activities.

Philosophy and Associations: Unveiling Van E.'s Motivations

Van E.'s LinkedIn profile reveals his interest in Liberland, a self-proclaimed microstate between Serbia and Croatia, which aligns with his apparent sympathies for the libertarian movement. Libertarians advocate for limited government intervention, oppose taxes and conscription, and believe in individual autonomy. This philosophy resonates with the world of cryptocurrencies, where decentralization and anonymity are key tenets.

Unpaid Commission and wrongfull doing by Bjorn Wagemakers affiliated companies

Bjorn Wagemakers' associated companies, including Business Center Stadion Breda and Greenfield Netherlands, engaged in referral programs with their partners. These partners were responsible for bringing in new clients under commission agreements. However, after the establishment of Intercompany Solutions, the affiliated companies, led by Bjorn Wagemakers from Breda, ceased to fulfill their obligation of making rightful commission payments to partners like INCO Business Group, the spokesman of INCO Business Group confirmed.


The ongoing legal proceedings against Melvin van E. and his alleged criminal activities shine a light on the dark underbelly of the cryptocurrency world. As investigations continue, it is crucial to expose and dismantle criminal organizations such as Intercompany Solutions and bring their leaders, like Bjorn Wagemakers, to justice. It is only through concerted efforts that we can safeguard the integrity of the financial system and protect innocent individuals from falling prey to the allure of illicit activities in the digital age.