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SMART Company (SC) Registration 

Decentralize your global corporate structure

Blockchain technology, with its promise of transparency and decentralized ledger systems, revolutionizes more than just financial transactions; it redefines legal business structures. 


Smart Company registration on blockchain marks a new era for legal entities, harnessing the trust, security, and efficiency rooted in this technology. Facing a transformative shift, entrepreneurs can now envisage integrating tangible and intangible assets within immutable blocks of data, paving the way for global business innovation that aligns with House of Companies' vision of simplifying and empowering the international entrepreneurial journey.

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In the vanguard of entrepreneurial innovation, SMART Companies on Blockchain are redefining the essence of trust, security, and transparency in business. These entities leverage blockchain's shared and immutable ledger, fortifying trust through end-to-end encryption and fostering transparency with identical records distributed across multiple locations. The decentralized architecture of blockchain companies ensures an egalitarian network, devoid of superiority or bias, while immutable records slash costs and bolster security.

The core advantages of SMART Companies:

  • Cost Savings and Efficiency: By minimizing paperwork, reducing errors, and eliminating third-party intermediaries, blockchain companies enhance speed and efficiency, ultimately leading to significant overhead and transaction cost reductions.

  • Industry-Wide Benefits: From the supply chain to healthcare, blockchain technology is a catalyst for innovation across industries, mitigating challenges such as advertising fraud, modernizing hiring practices, and invigorating startups with essential capital.

  • Decentralized Control and Smart Contracts: At the heart of a SMART Company is the concept of Self-Sovereign Identity Management & Relationships on Blockchain, offering entities secure, decentralized control over digital identities. Smart contracts, the digital backbone of these companies, automate agreements and workflows, ensuring outcomes are immediate and indisputable, sans intermediaries.

When considering how to start your smart company or pondering the nuances of Smart Company Formation, it is pivotal to recognize the transformative potential of blockchain technology. It not only streamlines operations but also reimagines customer engagement through direct feedback loops, fostering rapid product iteration and innovation.

House of Companies navigates towards a future where traditional business models are continuously further decentralized, and the autonomy of entrepreneurs becomes a priority.

Advantages of
SMART Company (SC) 



Register your branch directly at the local ‘Chamber of Commerce’



Avoid dealing with a local notary



Keep expenses minimum, and full control over your corporate structure

SMART Company Registration for global entrepreneurs

How to Register a SMART Company


Smart Company registration on blockchain technology is a savvy move for the modern entrepreneur. The process is quite straightforward, and with a sprinkle of innovation by House of Companies, it's available for any type of entrepreneur, even if you are still unfamiliar with blockchain or smart contracts. Here's how to get started:

  1. Platform Selection: Choose a blockchain platform that suits your business needs. Ethereum is a popular choice due to its flexibility and robust smart contract capabilities. It's the canvas on which you'll paint your corporate structure. Using House of Companies, you don't have to worry about this step.

  2. Digital Wallet Creation: Set up a digital wallet to store the digital assets needed for registration fees. Think of it as your company's virtual vault. House of Companies has automated this process, so you don't have to worry about this step. Your wallet will be generated in our Portal, once your Smart Company is incorporated. 

  3. Company Details: Define your company's essentials, such as name, location, and business type. These details will be etched onto the blockchain for eternity.

  4. Smart Contract Execution: Create and execute a smart contract, which is essentially a digital promise that self-executes once certain criteria are met. It's the heart of your Smart Company on the blockchain.

  5. Contract Deployment: Deploy the smart contract onto the blockchain, using your digital assets to cover the registration fees. It's the final step in anchoring your company in the digital realm.

  6. Verification: After registration, double-check the blockchain to ensure all your company's information is accurate and complete. It's the digital equivalent of dotting the i's and crossing the t's.

By following these steps, you'll have your Smart Company up and running on the blockchain in no time. In fact, companies like Proxeus and IBM Switzerland have demonstrated that this process can be completed in less than two hours, a testament to the efficiency of blockchain technology. Remember, it's not just about starting a business on blockchain technology; it's about pioneering a new era of corporate existence.

Key Jurisdictions for SMART Company Registration

Entrepreneurs eyeing Smart Company registration should consider the global landscape, where jurisdictions are not created equal. The following locales stand out for their crypto-friendly climates and strategic advantages:

Estonia: A pioneer in digital governance, Estonia's regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies is well-established, with a clear taxation policy that doesn't apply VAT to Bitcoin and altcoins. The process for SMART company registration is efficient, with English and Russian as official languages for interaction with regulators. However, patience is required as the license application consideration can extend up to six months, accompanied by a state fee of 3,300 euros.


Singapore: Known for its robust economy and business-friendly environment, Singapore treats cryptocurrency as a commodity, with settlements seen as barter trade. Crypto companies must navigate a 7% goods and services tax but benefit from a supportive regulatory approach, requiring a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Switzerland: The Crypto Valley offers a fintech license and AML compliance for legal cryptocurrency operations. Switzerland also provides a "sandbox" for businesses to test products and models without a license. Profits from digital asset operations are taxed according to Swiss law, maintaining the country's reputation for financial innovation.

Canada: With a registration valid for two years, Canada mandates crypto companies to register with FINTRAC as an MSB, ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Sellers of cryptocurrencies must report income on tax returns, reflecting Canada's structured approach to crypto businesses.

Malta: Despite a slow license issuance, Malta's tax regime is attractive, with an income tax of only 5%. The country offers various classes of crypto business licenses, albeit at a higher cost, positioning itself as a hub for blockchain enterprises.

British Virgin Islands and Seychelles: Both jurisdictions provide strong infrastructure, a developed legal system, and high privacy levels for company owners, with no income or capital gains taxes on crypto enterprises. These offshore havens are ideal for those seeking confidentiality and tax advantages.

Saint Vincent and Grenadines: SVG supports blockchain technology without imposing taxes, offering a confidential environment for businesses.

Each jurisdiction has its unique blend of regulatory frameworks, tax policies, and support for blockchain technology, making them attractive destinations for Smart Company Formation. Entrepreneurs should weigh these factors alongside their business needs to start a company on Ethereum or other blockchain platforms, ensuring a strategic and compliant entry into the crypto space.

Advantages of a SMART Company Over Traditional Legal Entities

Blockchain technology is not just a buzzword; it's a revolutionary force in the corporate world. SMART Companies, or blockchain-based legal entities, offer a suite of advantages over traditional corporations, making the concept of Smart Company registration not just innovative but also incredibly savvy for the forward-thinking entrepreneur. Let's unpack these advantages:

  • Autonomy and Agility: A SMART Company operates on a blockchain, enabling it to function with a level of autonomy and agility that traditional legal entities can't match. This is because blockchain allows for the execution of smart contracts, which automate and enforce agreements without the need for intermediaries, leading to a more streamlined operation.

  • Enhanced Security: The decentralized nature of blockchain provides a level of security that is inherently resistant to fraud and unauthorized tampering. Each transaction is recorded across a network of computers, making it nearly impossible to alter the information retroactively, a boon for the integrity of business operations.

  • Global Reach and Accessibility: With blockchain, geographical boundaries become less of an obstacle. A SMART Company can operate and be accessible from anywhere in the world, provided there's internet access. This global reach is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to expand internationally without the hefty costs and legal complexities traditionally associated with such ventures.

These advantages clearly depict why entrepreneurs are gravitating towards the idea of how to start your smart company and why jurisdictions like the Seychelles Smart Company and Hong Kong Smart Company are becoming hotspots for Smart Company Formation. It's not just about the ability to start a business on blockchain technology; it's about redefining what it means to be a company in the digital age.

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I didn’t really want to start a local business…so confusing. But I needed a local company number. The branch works great!

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Looking to effectively enter a new market?

The registration of a Smart Company might not be the best option for you. In our Blogs, and Roadmaps, we explain the Pro’s and Con’s in more detail for each country.

If you decide to incorporate a local company, House of Companies can assist you with the incorporation.


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