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What is an extract from the Chamber of Commerce?

An extract is an overview of the company data registered with the Chamber of Commerce. This contains the company name, the address, in many cases also the officers employed. You can purchase a viewing copy for € 2.30. This version is not certified, so you cannot use it as an official document. Use a certified extract for this.

You can request the different variants of extracts via the website of the Chamber of Commerce. You can purchase 30 products (including extracts) free of charge via the Chamber of Commerce App Trade Register .

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Request a Company Extract at the KvK (Chamber of Commerce)

You can choose from different variants. Do you need official proof of registration? Choose a digital or paper certified extract. In case you simply want to check on the company details, choose to view an extract (not certified), to keep the fees at a minimum. You will see the following details:

  • An overview of registered data of a company, such as name, address, date of incorporation and in most cases officers.

  • Information about the legal person, company and location (s).

  • It is clear whether the registration does not want unwanted postal advertising or sales at the door.

What can you do with an extract?

  • Get information about your business partner.

  • Prove that your company is registered in the Trade Register.

  • Get information about which officers represent the organization.

  • Demonstrate that you or another company do not want unwanted mail advertising or door to door sales (NMI).


Which variants of extracts can you order?

Inspection of extract (not certified): € 2.30

You will receive the most current data directly on your screen. A print of this is not suitable for official use because it is not certified. If you want an official proof of registration, for example to provide to other parties, choose a digital or paper certified extract.

Digital extract (certified): € 7.50

This digitally certified extract has a digital signature and is legally equivalent to a paper extract. Do you order this document to demonstrate to other parties that your company is registered in the Trade Register? Then first check whether a digital version is accepted.

Note : the digital extract loses its value when you print it out. Do you need a physical document? Then order the paper extract.

You can provide a certified extract to other parties as proof of registration with the Chamber of Commerce. It is an official document, this is not the case with the viewing copy. An electronically certified extract costs € 7.50; a paper version € 11.00.

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What is an electronically certified extract?


The electronic extract is legally the same as the paper extract. Just like the paper extract, the electronically certified extract contains information about directors, authorized signatories and other company data. Check in advance whether the party to whom you provide the extract accepts a digital version. A printed version of the electronically certified extract is not legally valid, so if you need a physical copy you must purchase a paper extract.

Paper extract (certified): € 15

This certified paper extract is suitable for official use. For example, to obtain an apostille from the Court or legalization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, embassies or consulates. You will receive the extract by post and will receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail.

View an example excerpt

English extract (certified) from € 7.50

The English extract is available on paper (€ 15) and in digital form (€ 7.50). An access code is required to apply for the digital variant. The English extract is the same as the Dutch extract, with the exception of the translation of a number of text fields. View an example excerpt

Digitally certified documents

You can order various documents that are digitally certified, such as an extract or annual accounts. On 13 March 2020, the signing of documents provided by the Chamber of Commerce will change.

These PDF documents are now with a Qualified Electronic Seal (also known as QSEAL, or qualified electronic seal).

Just like an electronic signature, electronic stamps confirm that a document has been issued by a legal person, in this case the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). The seal guarantees certainty about the origin and integrity of the document.

With the electronic seal, the documents are suitable for official use. The qualified seal is valid indefinitely.

If you have opened the PDF document with Adobe Acrobat Reader , you can check the signing seal at the top and left of the screen. There you will see the name Chamber of Commerce and the date and time of signing.

Digitally certified document

Digitally certified extract

A digital extract is official proof of registration in the Trade Register. You will receive information about the legal person, company and location (s). You see the name, address, date of incorporation and, in most cases, officers of a company or organization.

How does house of companies work?

What do you get and what are the characteristics of a digitally certified extract?

  • Proof of registration in the Trade Register.

  • Certainty about the signing authority of your business partner.

  • Legally equivalent to a paper extract.

  • Suitable for official use.

  • With unlimited validity of the digital signature.

  • Keep its legal validity if you send it digitally.

You will receive this extract (in Dutch or English) directly by e-mail in PDF format. An access code is required to request an English variant. The extract is provided with a digital signature and is suitable for official use.

The digitally certified extract is legally valid if you forward it digitally. Ask in advance whether the receiving agency accepts a digital extract.

Note: if you print the digitally certified extract, it is not legally valid. The hallmark is then not visible and the signature cannot be verified.

View an example of an extract here

View an example of a digitally certified document here





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