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Deposit Terms Conditions

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How do I deposit terms and conditions?

The general terms and conditions are deposited as follows:

  • Submit a separate A4-size document for each condition and translation. For example, if you have separate general purchasing conditions and sales conditions, you will hand in two documents.

  • Format your conditions in a Word or PDF file. The text must be clearly legible. When you choose the Arial font, the font size must be at least 10. If you choose a different font, the font size cannot be smaller than Arial 10.

  • Provide the document of your company (this company name must match the name with which you registered in the Trade) and send it to:



    T.av Production Department HR info
    PO Box 191
    3440 AD Woerden

The date of receipt of your mail or post is used as the deposit date.

Once the deposit has been administered you will receive a confirmation letter with the date of deposit and an invoice.

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What are the costs?

Depositing general terms and conditions costs 18 euros per document per calendar year. Each document counts as a separate deposit. Example: you deposit general purchase conditions and general sales conditions in Dutch and English. You then pay a total of 4 deposits.


Invoice deposit

After depositing you will receive an invoice from us ( example ). If you have issued a direct debit authorization in the past, this will be stated on the invoice. In this case, you do not need to do anything else, the invoice amount is automatically debited. You will receive another bill from us per calendar year.

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Report changes


To report changes, you must deposit the completely new version of the general terms and conditions. Clearly state with this deposit that it concerns the replacement of the already deposited general terms and conditions.

How does house of companies work?

Stop filing


You can cancel your deposit by sending an email to with the subject: 'termination of general conditions'. You will then receive a written confirmation of this. You can cancel any time of the year before December 31. You will then no longer receive an invoice for the following year.


Check terms and conditions

Chamber of Commerce does not check your terms and conditions. So filing does not mean that your general terms and conditions also meet all legal requirements. Always have this checked by a lawyer or legal adviser.

Request conditions


Your customers can request your conditions. This can be done with your Chamber of Commerce number or via your company name and the location of your company. Terms and conditions are not available online. You request them by telephone .

Industry conditions


Industry conditions are filed by the industry association itself. It is not possible for entrepreneurs to deposit industry conditions under their company. If you have any questions about the industry conditions, please contact the relevant industry association.



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