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Are you planning to sell your products via in The Netherlands and Belgium? INCO can assist you to open a traders account and meet the Dutch legal requirements (such as the application of a Chamber of Commerce ID).'

Online sales for companies in the Netherlands are becoming more and more important by the day. In 2018, the Dutch spent over 23.7 billion euros on online sales and studies show that in 2018 96% of the Dutch population bought on or more products online.

Apart from starting your own webshop, there are several alternatives to the Dutch market that can help boost your online sales. They are called Trader Accounts and are available from different platforms.

The most popular platform in the Netherlands is In this article, we will explain to you how to get a Trader Account.

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Obtaining a Trader Account is one of the largest online shops in the Netherlands. They sell products of their own, but also work with so-called Sales Partners. This means they will import your products/prices and article descriptions and make the sale for you based on a provision fee.

During the onboarding period, is not strict to its sales partners. However, after launch, they will start measuring and monitoring daily partner performance based on several KPI’s. This way they want to ensure that the quality of each sales partner is to a certain standard.

For more information about this, you can visit their website and view their performance standards and prestation scores.

It is important to know that for any EU based business from outside the Netherlands/Belgium, there are other rules, namely:

  1. only works based on invitation-only.

  2. only partners with > € 1 million gross revenue potential per year.

  3. only partners with companies that have a strong impact on better price levels and/or the shop range. has written an onboarding handbook for their key accounts. This manual summarizes the most relevant information that is displayed on the partner platform.


Logistic Services also provides logistics services for their partners. You can read more on this page and view the Fulfillment presentation by

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