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Open an Amazon Traders account in The Netherlands

You start by creating a regular Amazon account (or, which is the most well known market place in the Netherlands, see our other article). In the next step you can expand your account with sales tools. You enter information about your company in an online form: contact details, financial data, a description, the Chamber of Commerce and VAT number. requests information from the owner / representative of the company, but does not. The identity of the owner / representative is actually checked by uploading a copy of your ID. Your mobile number is also checked with a code via a text message., on the other hand, checks the address of the sellers: before you can start selling, you will be sent a letter by post with a code that you must enter in your account.

At Amazon, you need a credit card to sign up. A small amount will be debited from your credit card for identification. This can be a small barrier for the Dutch market, where the credit card is a less common method of payment. Your credit card is only used when you register and does not have to correspond to the payment account where you want to receive your proceeds.

You can choose from two accounts at Amazon: Individual or Professional. The private account (Individual) is intended for companies that sell less than 35 products per month. The sales margin that Amazon asks for is slightly higher than with, but the private account itself is free. With the business account (Professional) the costs per order are lower, but you pay 39 euros per month for your seller account as standard. Fulfillment by Amazon, also known as FBA, is possible with both accounts.

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Do you need a Dutch contact person for an Amazon account?

When you create a sales account at Amazon, you need to appoint a primary contact.

The primary contact is the person who has access to the Amazon Selling account, provides registration information on behalf of the account holder (registered seller), and initiates transactions such as fees and refunds. Actions taken by the primary contact person are deemed to have been taken by the account holder.

Why do I have to provide my personal information?

EU regulations require that we collect certain business and personal information from our sellers and take steps to confirm their identity.

What is meant by the 'legal representative of the company'?

A legal representative is a person authorized by your company to act on its behalf (for example, accept terms and conditions, open a checking account). The representative can be the owner of the company or someone who has been granted specific powers.

Who is an 'beneficial owner'?

The beneficiary owners are natural persons who own or control the company through direct or indirect ownership of at least 25% of the company's shares or voting rights, or any other natural person who otherwise controls the management of the company .

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