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Entrepreneurs Visa in The Netherlands

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The point system

To become eligible for the Self-employed Entrepreneurs Visa, the Dutch government makes use of a so-called point system, which consists of 3 separate parts. 1. Personal experience (education, entrepreneurship, work experience) 2. Business plan (market analysis, product/service, price, organization, financing). 3. Added value for the Netherlands (innovation, employment creation, investments).

These 3 parts consist of a total of 300 points. To qualify for the Entrepreneurs Visa, you will need at least a total of 90 points with a minimum of 30 points per section.

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1. Education

The first section requires you to confirm and provide evidence for Education:

• PhD 35 points

• Master (MSc, MBA, MA) 30 points

• Bachelor 20 points

• Intermediate Vocational Education 10 points

2. Entrepreneurial Experience

High scores for this aspect could compensate low scores for other criteria. Evidence has to be solid and beyond all doubt. Active involvement: not limited to shareholding or financing.

0-35 points

You might lose points when:

  • Your experience is not relevant for the enterprise

  • You have marginal involvement in the enterprise

  • You have less than 1 year experience

You can maximize points when:

  • You are the active founder/owner enterprise

  • You are member of the board of directors

  • You have more than 10 employees

  • You have more than 5 years of experience

3. Work experience max. 10 points


1 to 2 years 1 points
2 to 5 years 5 points
Over 5 years 10 points€

Senior level

1 to 2 years 1 points
2 to 5 years 5 points
Over 5 years 10 points


1 to 2 years 1 points
2 to 5 years 5 points
Over 5 years 10 points

4. Income  max. 10 points

Gross income 12 months prior to application:

up to 12.000 0 points
12.000 to 25.000 5 points
€ 25.000 to 45.000 7 points
Over 45.000 10 points

5. Experience with the Netherlands max. 10 points

Dutch trade partners or customers 0-4 points
Knowledge of Dutch language NT2 level 4 (or higher) 0-2 points
Education or PhD at Dutch University. Work experience as knowledge worker 0 -4 points



The first section requires you to confirm and provide evidence for:

1. Potential market max. 25 points

• Products/service (Features, applications, demand for, unique selling points )  0-10 points

• Market analysis( Market survey, potential customers, competition, market barriers, risks, marketing/promotion)  0-10 points

• Price ( Clear pricing based on integral cost calculation ) 0-5 points

2. Organization max. 25 points

• Analysis of relevance of proposed structure, competences, knowledge 0-10 points
• Possible extra points for cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary organisation 0-15 points

3. Financing max. 50 points

Solvency ratio (equity/balance total) :

• Balance total:  < 5.000

• Balance total:  € 5.000 -25.000

0- 5 points

• Balance total € 25.000 - 50.000

0 -13 Points

• Balance total € > 50.000

0-16 points


less than 35.000 0 points
35.000 to€100.000  5 points
100.000 to€250.000 10 points
250.000 to 500.000 15 points
over 500.000 20 points

Liquidity forecast (positive expectation in)

the first year  5 points
In the first 2 years  8 points
the first 3 years 10 points

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This first section requires you to confirm and provide evidence for:

1. Creation of labor max. 40 points

• Number of FTE 0-10 points
0,5 to 2 FTE  10 points
2 to 5 FTE  20 points
5 to 10 FTE  30 points
over 10 FTE  40 points

• High level FTE (>45.000 annual salary)
1 to 3 FTE  20 points
3 to 6 FTE  30 points
over 6 FTE  40 points

2. Investments max. 40 points

Fixed and intangible assets

€ 0 to 5.000 0 points
5.000 to 50.000 10 points
50.000 to 100.000 20 points
100.000 to 500.000 30 points
500.000 40 points

Please, note that the requirements in section 3 need to be fulfilled within the first 1.5 years after the incorporation of the company.

The application for the Entrepreneurs Visa can be started after the first year of company’s work, since some of the sections need to be confirmed by documents as well as by the business plan, annual report and balance sheet of the company.

Realistically speaking, during the second year, the application can be submitted to the Immigration Office in case the requirements have been fulfilled. The authority will ask you to confirm every section with the use of relevant documents. You should expect the application process to take another 6 months. After which the Immigration Office will inform you about the decision they’ve made or will follow you up with additional requirements.

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