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Request Payment Plan for corporate taxes

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Inability to pay notification

Are you a director of a company and is your company unable to pay its tax bills, then you must report this to the tax authorities in writing (to avoid personal liabilities).

Does the following apply to you?

  • You request a special extension of payment.

  • You do this as, or on behalf of, a director of a commercial company that is a legal person and is subject to corporation tax.

  • Your company cannot pay the payroll taxes, turnover tax, gambling tax, energy tax, coal tax, waste tax, tap water tax, excise duty or consumption tax of non-alcoholic drinks.

In that case, we will in principle also see your request for deferment of payment as a notification of insolvency. Your notification is timely for the periods ending after February 1, 2020. This means the following: your notification of insolvency is legally valid for the periods ending after February 1, 2020 insofar as the insolvency actually arose due to the corona crisis.

Have you not yet paid periods prior to February 2020? Then the notification for those periods is not on time and legally invalid.

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Payment plans for special circumstances (like when your business is affected by Covid-19)

Does your  company have temporary payment problems? You may qualify for deferred payment in exceptional circumstances for more than 12 months or without providing any collateral.

A payment delay of 3 months may be too short for you. You can also request an extension for a longer period. Until now, this is only possible by letter and not via an online request. In any case, this relaxed postponement policy applies until 1 October 2020.

In case your company has been affected by the Corona situation, you can apply for a special postponement of your pending and upcoming tax bills, for a period of 4 months!

You can request special deferments of payment quickly and easily with an online form, if have you have DigiD login (only for Dutch residents). Additional supporting documents, such as a financial forecast, and an accountants declaration, which confirm your liquidity issue, should also be attached to your (online) request.

If you cannot submit your request online, you can also request a special postponement of payment in writing.


Request payment plan for your corporate tax bill

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