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All you need to know about the Company Registrar in Estonia, and the House of Companies as alternative

Would you like to start a business in Estonia? Knowing about the Company Registrar and the House of Companies can make things easier for you.

The Company Registrar keeps records of all registered companies in Estonia. On the other hand, the House of Companies offers information and documents about businesses.

Understanding these institutions will help you in your Estonian business journey.

Overview of the Company Registrar in Estonia

Services provided by the Company Registrar

The Company Registrar in Estonia offers virtual services through its e-Business Register portal.

This portal allows companies to submit and sign documents electronically, access public records online, and pay taxes and VAT online.

Entrepreneurs can use digital signatures for tax claims and other applications, promoting efficiency and transparency.

These services are available to both Estonian and non-Estonian citizens through the e-Residency program.

The Company Registrar also assists with annual reports and necessary documents physically.

By using secure tools and digital solutions, the Company Registrar enhances Estonia's innovation and digitalization within the EU.

The Registrar collaborates with government institutions, IT providers, and experts to ensure cyber security and support R&D growth.

Importance of the Company Registrar in Estonia

The Company Registrar in Estonia is an important entity. It helps businesses with registration, document submission, tax payments, and access to public records.

Unlike the House of Companies, the Company Registrar provides the e-Business Register. This online platform lets companies submit reports, handle taxes, and do other tasks efficiently.

The Company Registrar also promotes transparency and innovation. It offers digital solutions like electronic tax claims and digital signatures.

To stay safe from cyber threats, the Company Registrar uses secure tools. This aligns with Estonia’s reputation as a digital innovation hub.

In a world moving towards digitalization, the Company Registrar is vital. It helps entrepreneurs, IT providers, and state experts connect with government agencies and follow regulations.

This is especially useful for non-Estonian citizens in the e-Residency program. It makes managing businesses in Estonia seamless.

House of Companies as an Alternative

What is the House of Companies?

The House of Companies in Estonia is part of the country's business register. It helps entrepreneurs manage their company info online in a secure way.

Unlike the traditional Company Registrar, the House of Companies offers digital solutions for non-Estonian citizens through the e-Residency program. This platform allows users to:

  • Submit documents

  • Pay taxes and VAT

  • Access public records online with digital signatures

Submit documents

Pay taxes and VAT

Access public records online with digital signatures

It also provides efficient services for:

Submitting annual reports

Handling tax residency matters

By using digital tools, the House of Companies encourages transparency and innovation. This makes Estonia an attractive place for entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a modern and dependable environment.

Estonia leads digitalization trends with electronic tax claims, e-solutions, and a strong R&D ecosystem. The House of Companies connects entrepreneurs with state experts and IT-service providers to support their growth in the country.

Comparison between the Company Registrar and the House of Companies

The Company Registrar in Estonia, also known as the Business Register, has an important role in the country.

It allows companies to register, submit reports, and access records online. This promotes transparency and efficiency.

Meanwhile, the House of Companies supports entrepreneurs and businesses.

It helps with taxes, VAT, and e-solutions. While the Company Registrar manages company registration, the House of Companies assists with tax and electronic applications.

Both entities collaborate to create a secure platform for business in Estonia. This aligns with the country's digital innovation.

Estonia is a tax-resident country.

The Company Registrar and House of Companies help businesses comply with tax rules. They also support profit maximization in the European Union.

These institutions offer digital solutions not only to Estonians but also to non-Estonians.

Through initiatives like the e-Residency program, Estonia is a pioneer in digital trends.

It provides a digitally advanced environment for entrepreneurs and sets a high standard for digitalization worldwide.

Access to Services

Virtual Services

Virtual services in Estonia have many benefits for people wanting to start a company. The e-Residency program lets non-Estonians easily use digital tools for tasks like business registration, tax payments, and VAT submissions. Through the e-Business Register portal, entrepreneurs can upload documents, sign applications digitally, and check public records online. This helps with managing annual reports, income, taxes, and profits efficiently.

Virtual services are more convenient than in-person ones, letting business owners handle their corporate structure and taxes from anywhere. Estonia is known for innovation, with a strong R&D ecosystem and advanced digital capabilities, making it appealing for entrepreneurs interested in virtual services.

Physical Services

The company registrar in Estonia offers various physical services for businesses. These services include:

  • Registering companies

  • Submitting annual reports

  • Accessing public records online

Registering companies

Submitting annual reports

Accessing public records online

By using these services, businesses can easily:

  • Establish their corporate structure

  • Register with the e-business register

  • Pay taxes, VAT, and submit documents electronically

Establish their corporate structure

Register with the e-business register

Pay taxes, VAT, and submit documents electronically

On the other hand, the House of Companies focuses on providing entrepreneurs with:

  • E-solutions

  • Digital signatures for electronic applications


Digital signatures for electronic applications

E-Identity and Cyber Security

Importance of E-Identity in Company Registration

E-Identity is important for registering companies in Estonia.

By using digital signatures and secure tools, individuals can register their companies online easily and securely.

This process makes registration more transparent and efficient.

E-Identity also enhances cyber security by providing a secure platform for submitting documents and paying taxes online.

Estonia is recognized by the European Union for its digital capabilities.

Their e-Residency program allows non-Estonian citizens to become e-Estonians, promoting digitalization trends.

Electronic tax claims and public records are available online, making it easy for tax authorities and government institutions to access information.

Estonia is known as an innovation hotspot and attractive R&D ecosystem for entrepreneurs.

E-Identity is at the core of Estonia's digital solutions and secure online services for company registration and beyond.

Cyber Security Measures in Company Registration

When companies register in Estonia, the corporate structure is securely processed through the e-business register portal.

The register utilizes digital signatures and electronic tax claims for data protection and secure online transactions.

Businesses submit their documents using these tools.

The system also verifies e-identity through the e-residency program.

This allows non-Estonian citizens to register their companies online.

The tool ensures transparency by making public records available online.

It also prevents cyber threats by providing secure ways to log in and sign electronic applications.

Estonia is known for its innovation culture and robust R&D ecosystem.

This puts the company register in Estonia at the forefront of digital capabilities.

It collaborates with government institutions, IT-service providers, and state experts to stay updated on digitalization trends.

This helps maintain the efficiency and security of the registration process.

Tax residents are taxed on their net distributed profits based on the tax rate set by the tax authority.

The digital solutions in place play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and legality of income and profits registered in the country.

Specialized Services

E-Health and E-Governance Solutions

Implementing E-Health and E-Governance Solutions in a digital environment provides various benefits. It particularly benefits the Company Register in Estonia.

These solutions enable companies to register, pay taxes, submit annual reports, and access public records online through a user-friendly portal. This streamlines processes and increases transparency.

Digital signatures and electronic tax claims simplify interactions with the tax authority, enhancing efficiency.

For non-Estonian citizens using Estonia's e-Residency program, these digital solutions make tax residency procedures easier, ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Moreover, the e-business register offers entrepreneurs a secure tool to manage their business activities. This includes tracking profits and distributing income.

By leveraging Estonia's digital capabilities, these innovations not only support the country's reputation as an innovation hotspot but also contribute to its digitalization trends. It benefits both government institutions and IT-service providers.

Smart City and Mobility Initiatives

Smart City and Mobility Initiatives are important for sustainable urban living. They use innovative technologies to improve transportation. Electronic applications and digital signatures make it easy for entrepreneurs to register companies in Estonia, file reports, and pay taxes online. This simplifies business processes and increases transparency and efficiency. The e-residency program allows non-Estonian citizens to benefit from digital services.

Estonia collaborates with institutions and IT-service providers, making it an innovation hotspot. These initiatives help manage tax residency, rates, and profits efficiently. Estonia leads in technological advancement and digitalization efforts.

E-Education and Research Support

The Company Registrar in Estonia helps e-education and research.

Companies can use the e-business register to:

  • Register easily

  • Submit annual reports

  • Pay taxes and VAT online

Register easily

Submit annual reports

Pay taxes and VAT online

This portal manages corporate structure and income efficiently.

It ensures transparency and compliance with tax laws.

The Registrar offers services like digital signatures, electronic tax claims, and public records online.

This supports entrepreneurs in Estonia.

For research, the Registrar focuses on cyber security.

They provide secure tools and digital solutions.

This is helpful for e-residency programme participants, non-Estonian citizens, and businesses interested in Estonia's digital advancements.

Estonia's digitalisation trends make it a secure choice for research and online business activities.

Stay Informed

Monthly Newsletter

The Company Registrar in Estonia provides various services for setting up and managing companies.

Individuals can use the platform to register businesses, file annual reports, and access public records online.

They can also pay taxes, VAT, and submit electronic tax claims through the system.

The e-business register offers secure tools for entrepreneurs to efficiently manage their corporate structures.

Both non-Estonian citizens and e-residents can sign electronic applications using digital signatures.

This digital solution improves transparency and efficiency in handling income and profits.

The Company Registrar plays a vital role in Estonia's innovation hotspot and R&D ecosystem.

With its digital capabilities and e-residency program, Estonia attracts entrepreneurs seeking to leverage the country's digitalization trends.

The platform acts as a gateway for accessing government services and IT providers, supporting Estonia's digitalization goals and promoting it as a secure business environment.

Contact for Questions and Support

You can contact the support team for help with company registration services. Just log into the official Company Registrar portal in Estonia.

There, you can easily submit all the necessary documents for your corporate structure and e-business register.

If you have questions about E-Identity or cyber security measures, the portal provides helpful resources for guidance.

In Estonia, as a member of the European Union, the company registration process is streamlined and electronic. This includes paying taxes, including VAT, submitting annual reports, and accessing public records online.

Estonia has a transparent tax authority that taxes net profits at a reasonable rate. For non-Estonian citizens interested in the e-Residency program, secure tools, digital signatures, and electronic tax claims are easily accessible.

The digital capabilities in Estonia make it an innovative hotspot for entrepreneurs seeking to benefit from the efficient and transparent e-Residency program.

How to start an Estonian company with House of Companies

The Company Registrar in Estonia is a government agency. It keeps a public database of all registered companies in the country. The database includes information on legal status, directors, and financial reports.

On the other hand, the House of Companies is a private sector option. It provides services far beyond to the Company Registrar. Both entities are important for transparency and accountability in Estonia's business environment.


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