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Coworking spaces in Amsterdam

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Your business in Amsterdam is growing and you are thinking of hiring more staff or you’re simply looking for a place where you can meet clients and focus on work. So you’ve been looking around Amsterdam for a workspace, but everything seems so big and expensive. What should you do?

Just because your business is growing doesn’t mean your expenses have to too! Coworking spaces in Amsterdam offer the perfect combination of flexibility and affordability, and it’s the perfect place to help your business take those first steps from one-man-show to global conglomerate.

Amsterdam is an amazing city for any type of business, especially startups in the creative, e-commerce, and tech fields. The vibe and energy have drawn many businesses from all over the world to set up shop in the city, thereby creating a cosmopolitan business environment that’s brimming with creativity and new ideas. This is the perfect place for your business to open an office, but because Amsterdam is such a popular business destination, office space can be scarce and expensive. The solution for many entrepreneurs and small businesses has been to use coworking spaces in Amsterdam. Setting up your business in one of these coworking spaces in Amsterdam is the perfect way to grow your business strategically and affordably.

What is a coworking space and how does it differ from a regular office?

Technically a coworking space is an office — there are desks, wifi, copiers, meeting rooms, a reception desk, and a kitchen where dozens of cups of coffee get made every day. The difference is that a coworking space isn’t used exclusively by only one company. The office space is often referred to as a ‘business center’ is divided into different work areas such as hot-desks where people can quickly come and get some work done and exclusive-use desks or offices, all within the same space. Meeting rooms, common areas, printers, and other standard office equipment, as well as the reception desk, are also shared among all the individuals and companies that occupy the space.

One of the key differences between a coworking space and a ‘regular’ office is cost and length of occupation. How much you pay is determined by the type and number of desks you want and how long you need them for, from a hot-desk for an hour or two, to a long-term lease. This is one of the many reasons why coworking spaces in Amsterdam are so popular. Amsterdam is very popular with business travelers and many rent a desk at a coworking space for a couple of days while they’re doing business in Amsterdam. For instance, if you have employees who are working remotely in other cities, you can simply rent an extra desk at your coworking space to accommodate them for the duration of their stay.

Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies
Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies

Why are coworking spaces in Amsterdam such a great idea?

Coworking spaces in Amsterdam are flexible, but they’re also affordable and they allow you to do business in some of Amsterdam’s most popular business districts. This puts you close to the action and lets you interact with people from a diverse array of business types and sectors. Being in the city also means you are close to major transportation hubs like Schiphol airport and Amsterdam’s central railway station. This makes setting up a meeting with clients from out of town very easy because it’s easy to reach your ‘office’. Amsterdam is a hub of tech and creativity and working in this environment exposes you to great ideas that will help your business grow.

And if you’re not sure which area of Amsterdam you like most, there are many coworking spaces in Amsterdam to choose from, and since it’s so affordable, you can rent a desk for a day to see if it’s the right environment for you.

How do I get into coworking spaces in Amsterdam?

It’s really easy. Simply call one of House of Companies’ agents and tell them what your needs are and they will find you the perfect spot to run your business from. House of Companies has access to some of the top, most-reputable coworking spaces in Amsterdam and can help get you going in no time, whether you need a desk for a day, or an office for a month.

Need an address?

If you want to set up a local business address and phone number in Amsterdam, House of Companies offers extensive virtual office services. We can get you set up with a local business address and phone number in Amsterdam within one business day.


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