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‘Globalisation as a Service’ by House of Companies

Hey Support! Can you explain to me in very simple terms, as an aspiring global entrepreneur, what exactly House of Companies does, for that 295 euros per year? I mean, really in layman's terms

Raodmap to expansion

Let's start with the obvious problems that entrepreneurs encounter when they start a new business, especially abroad!

The typical middlemen, such as formation agents and lawyers, overcomplicate your structure, they apply old fashion hourly rates, and their service offering is too narrow. Not at all aimed in growing your revenues!

House of Companies solves this problem with ´Globalisation as a Service´. 

By offering a Business Portal, in over 30 countries and growing, you can set your business milestones, and complete them using our self-service portal, 24/7 support chat, and a global market place that provides the best possible solutions to run or grow your business.

The added value for our clients is that we simplify the first steps of exploring a new market.

We empower their self-reliance, to tackle the corporate hurdles of market entry at any level, saving the typical costs and frustrations associated with over-complicated corporate structures, and under-qualified professionals.

Essentially, our aim is to make your venture independent of agents and to eliminate middlemen wherever we can.

At the same time, we aim to uncover certain lesser-known truths (or simply trade secrets!)  about managing your corporate structure that your agent may prefer not to disclose (if not for a hefty hourly rate).  

For example, that you can easily submit your VAT return yourself! Or that your current accountant in India (or wherever) can simply draft abbreviated financial statements, which can be filed with help of our Playbook, without the need of a local (and expensive) accountant.

Anyone who registers a business via House of Companies will get access to our Business Portal, at a fixed annual fee of 295 EUR. Alternatively, you can migrate your existing company from your current agent, and save a lot on your current agent and accounting fees!

House of Companies offers an Advisory Report at a fixed fee of 295 EUR, tailored to expansion into a specific country and including one year of Business Portal support. Can you imagine? A soft-glove sparring session, and a clearcut strategy, straight from a serial entrepreneur with decades of legal experience?

The Business Portal has a support community that's like a meeting place for all kinds of entrepreneurs. We're all about sharing experiences, tips, and tricks to support each other and grow entrepreneurship worldwide. It's like a friendly hub for entrepreneurs to connect and help each other out, as friendly neighbours!

Because 'Wherever I Pay my Tax, That's my Home'