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Registering a Dutch Branch to Become an Amazon Seller

Expanding your business to foreign shores is an exciting but challenging endeavor. One of the most attractive markets for global entrepreneurs is the Netherlands, known for its robust economy, strategic location, and business-friendly environment. This article will guide you through the process of branch registration in the Netherlands, setting you on the path to become an Amazon Seller.

The Dutch Market: A Gateway to Europe

The Netherlands is an excellent springboard for businesses looking to enter the European market. Its strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and strong digital economy make it a prime location for e-commerce businesses, especially those planning to become Amazon sellers.

The Concept of a Branch Office

A branch office is not a separate legal entity but an extension of the parent company. It operates under the same legal structure as the parent company and is fully dependent on it. Although setting up a branch office in the Netherlands requires registration with the Dutch Business Register (KVK), it does not necessitate compliance with Dutch accounting regulations or company law for the most part.

Why Consider a Branch Registration?

Branch registration offers a cost-effective and flexible way to establish a business presence in the Netherlands without setting up a local entity like a BV (Besloten Vennootschap). This approach makes it an ideal instrument for obtaining a company number and a VAT number in the Netherlands.

Becoming an Amazon Seller: The Role of a Dutch Branch

Amazon's impressive growth and vast customer base make it an attractive platform for businesses looking to expand their e-commerce operations. A Dutch branch office can provide the necessary local presence required to become an Amazon seller.

The Registration Process

Registering a branch office in the Netherlands involves several steps:

  1. The parent company needs to apply for registration with the Dutch Business Register (KVK).

  2. The application must include details about the parent company and the proposed branch, including the activities it will undertake.

  3. Once the application is approved, the branch office is assigned a unique KVK number.

Tax Implications

Depending on the nature of your branch office's activities, it might be considered a permanent establishment and become liable for corporate tax and VAT in the Netherlands. However, if your branch office is engaged only in supporting activities, it might be considered a non-permanent establishment and could reclaim or deduct the VAT on goods or services it receives.

The Benefits of a Subsidiary

While a branch office offers flexibility and simplicity, setting up a fully functioning company in the Netherlands has its advantages. A subsidiary operates as an independent legal entity, providing stability and independence, and making it easier to handle VAT and income/corporate tax requirements.

House of Companies: Your Partner in Branch Registration

At House of Companies, we offer a comprehensive Entity Management solution that simplifies the process of setting up and managing a business overseas. Our solution is location and agent independent, freeing you from reliance on company formation agents and lawyers.

As part of our Entity Management membership, we offer free branch registration, with a guaranteed bank account opening. Our service is the most flexible and the cheapest available in Europe, making it ideal for Amazon Sellers and other e-commerce companies.


Branch registration in the Netherlands is a cost-effective and straightforward way to establish a local presence and become an Amazon seller. With the right guidance and support, you can navigate the process smoothly and successfully. Remember, the journey of global entrepreneurship is exciting and rewarding, and with House of Companies by your side, you're in excellent hands.