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Using a virtual office in the Netherlands

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

You’ve seen the incredible growth in the Dutch consumer market and you want to get in on the action by starting your own advertising agency. After all, the Netherlands is seen as a global creative hub so having a Dutch address is great for business. So how do you do that?

We live in an age of digital nomads, people working from anywhere, and collaborating with people from all over the world. Many agencies have started using this model very successfully to create effective advertising and marketing campaigns for brands. But every business needs an address, and if you’re an advertising or marketing agency, having the right address can do a lot for your reputation. By having a Dutch address, customers associate your agency with the exceptional advertising and marketing campaign standards that the Netherlands has become known for.

But it’s not just for marketing and advertising agencies that benefit from using a virtual office in the Netherlands. Thousands of businesses of all types, from FMCG companies to transport, tech to food, finance, fashion, even import, and export companies, use virtual offices to get a foothold in the Dutch market or use it as a base to service the rest of Europe and the world.

What is a virtual office and how does it work?

A virtual office is like any office, except that it doesn’t occupy a premises with furniture and equipment and electricity, water and rental overheads, or any of the other costs that make having physical offices so expensive.

A virtual office gives you a business address and phone number that you can use to get a foothold in a local market, anywhere in the world. Using a virtual office in the Netherlands gives you a presence in the area and a base that you can use to build your business or brand both in the Netherlands and internationally.

But just because it’s a virtual office doesn’t mean it’s only a virtual address and telephone number. The address can be used to receive mail and other deliveries, and customers can phone you on the local number, thereby building trust and confidence in you as a local business. Additional complementary services like a phone answering service, mail forwarding, and storage can be added when using a virtual office in the Netherlands to make your life even easier.

A virtual office is good for business

Using a virtual office in the Netherlands has many advantages, especially when it comes to cost. Virtual offices are simple, flexible, and affordable and almost any business can use a virtual office. Starting at less than €25 per month, setting up and maintaining a virtual office is incredibly affordable, a fraction of what renting a ‘real world’ office will cost. But the savings don’t end there. With a virtual office, there are no office overheads like utilities, security, and parking. You don’t have to invest in buying and maintaining furniture and equipment, and making sure that technology is up to date, not to mention the savings on your daily commute to and from the office.

By using a virtual office in the Netherlands you can also boost your team’s creativity and productivity — the time they would normally spend commuting can be used to exercise or spend time with their families, or even just get a good night’s sleep after a long day. All of these contribute toward happier, more productive employees.

However, sometimes you will want to open a ‘real world’ office, especially when your business starts growing. Using a virtual office in the Netherlands allows you to test the market and lets you adjust your business model and offering to suit the local needs. It can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Set up a virtual office today!

The benefits of using a virtual office in the Netherlands is clear, so how do you get one for your agency or business? It’s easy. Simply call House of Companies and chat with one of our skilled and experienced agents who will discuss all the available options, and help you choose the option that’s best suited to the needs of your business. We can get your virtual office set up in less than 24 hours so you can start servicing clients.

In addition to the Netherlands, we also provide virtual offices in the following locations:

  • France

  • Germany

  • Luxembourg

  • Belgium

  • England

  • United States of America

Our basic package runs at €295 a year (less than €25 per month!), and we can provide additional related services such as mail and call forwarding, call answering, and storage services.

Beyond a virtual office.

Using a virtual office in the Netherlands is a great way to get into the Dutch market, however, as your business starts to grow, you may need physical office space. When that day comes, House of Companies has you covered. We can help you find the best hot desk, shared space, or dedicated office in the Netherlands that best suits your unique needs.

Whether you’re looking for a virtual office or a ‘real’ office for your business in the Netherlands, House of Companies can provide you with the best, most affordable solutions with all the support and guidance you may need.