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Residency for Entrepreneurs

Finally; A Cost-Effective Alternative to Hiring a Business Formation Lawyer

You no longer have to include an expensive lawyer to expand into a new market. Our unique platform empowers entrepreneurs to take control of their own business journey.

Our Entity Portal offers corporate solutions, which includes branch registration (incl. IBAN), VAT application & filing, and more.

Our Partnership with IamExpat is focused at expats that are still considering between a legal entity, or registering a branch. Especially for digital nomads, that already might have set up a company Offshore, or in a popular coujtry like Estonia (due to the eResidency), a branch registration is an ideal alternative to a Dutch BV.

House of Companies has the goal of emulating the achievements of eResidency in Estonia and plans to inaugurate the eBranch in 2024 in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain.

In Spain and Portugal, where the language barrier and bureaucracy can be a hindrance to registering a branch, we are especially proud to have developed this product. We have already achieved the first branch registrations in a short time frame, and with a budget of only 500 EUR. This is much faster and more cost-efficient than setting up a local company in these countries.

Aside from the timeline, what's the added value that the eBranch provides?

The eBranch is a traditional business form, in an innovative jacket.

The advantages of the ebranch are:

  • No notary or lawyer is (typically) involved)

  • We guarantee the issuance of an IBAN payment account

  • Easy to update your corporate structure remotely (depending on your homecountry)

  • Easier to de-register from the foreign/Dutch Trade Register in case of insolvency

  • The initial entity that will be registered as eBranch is regulated by the Company law of the Country of incorporation, even after registring a branch in the Netherlands. This means that foreign entrepeneurs don't have to become fully aware of the Dutch company law stipulations.

House of Companies offers aid to entrepreneurs to ensure transparency and provide access to the local tax authorities. The Playbooks come with checklists, video, and help lines to assist a small business owner with filing their corporate taxes in Holland independently. The simpler the bookkeeping, the less likely the need for assistance from a tax specialist.

Let's suppose there is a customer in India who has hired an accountant for a small amount of money. In this case, why would they need to use a Dutch consultant to handle general accounting matters which are detailed in our Playbooks?


In india House of Companies has already partnered with two interesting partners:

 India Startup Foundation, and VakilSearch

India Startup Foundation is an umbrella organisations for incubators in India, where we like to test and try our solutions. Whereas VakilSearch in an online formation agent, that will offer our branch registration service to their Indian customer base.

The objective is to expand to other countries by forming solid connections with the startup ecosystems.

In the Dutch market we are also looking to partner with incubators and accelerators, that are interested to offer our solutions to their startup program participants.



House of Companies launches the Entity Management Portal wrapped in an entrepreneurial community.
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House of Companies launches the Entity Management Portal wrapped in an entrepreneurial community.

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