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Get a Dutch phone number for your business

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

You’ve been selling your products for a while now and business has starting to take off. With the business success, you’ve been thinking of expanding your business to the Netherlands, but you’re not sure if the Dutch market is the right market for your product. What do you do?

The Netherlands has one of the most resilient and fastest-growing economies in Europe and it is easy to see why. The country has a world-class logistics network, cutting edge tech infrastructure, the Dutch have more and more disposable income, and the Dutch government has many schemes and incentives in place that create a very friendly business environment, especially for foreign businesses looking to start a business in the Netherlands.

But is this the Dutch market right for your product? One way to find out is to set up an office in the Netherlands and starting to sell your product. However, this can take a long time and potentially cost a lot of money. Besides having to go through the processes of registering a business in the Netherlands, you will also need to find and rent an office space in a good area, then buy furniture and equipment so that you can start selling your product. With everything done, you start selling your product, but the product is not doing well and you soon realize that the Dutch market is not the ideal market for your product. This can be an extremely costly lesson and one that could easily have been avoided.

How? By getting a Dutch phone number for your business and starting small.

When you get a Dutch phone number for your business you can start building a presence in the Dutch market by allowing customers to contact you on a local phone number. When customers see that you have a local phone number, they start to develop trust in your business, because they see that you are committed to the Dutch market, that you understand the needs of Dutch shoppers, and that you abide by the same laws that protect them. By having a Dutch phone number you can also get local feedback about your product or service, giving you insight into whether your product or service is suitable for the Dutch market. This allows you to test the market without investing thousands into new offices and equipment.

How do you get a Dutch phone number for your business?

One of the easiest ways to get a Dutch phone number for your business is to open a virtual office. A virtual office is the same as a ‘regular’ office, but without the expensive lease contracts, furniture and equipment, and other overheads that come with a ‘normal’ office. When you open a virtual office, you get a Dutch phone number for your business on which people can contact you, as well as a business address where you can receive mail and parcels. These details can also go on business cards and other documents like invoices and order forms, thereby further solidifying your presence in the Dutch market.

Setting up a virtual office is quick and easy. House of Companies has helped many entrepreneurs and businesses set up a virtual office in the Netherlands, and we can help you too! Simply call one of our agents, tell them your needs, and they will find and set up the perfect virtual office solution for your business within 24 hours! It’s that easy! You can get a Dutch phone number for your business and start receiving calls from local customers within one business day!

Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies
Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies

How much does it cost to get a Dutch phone number for your business?

Virtual offices are very popular with businesses of all types and sizes because they’re both flexible and affordable. House of Companies offers virtual office packages for as low as €295 a year. That’s less than €25 per month! That’s a fraction of what you would pay to rent a traditional office space, not to mention furniture and equipment! House of Companies can also provide additional related services such as mail and call-forwarding, call-answering, and storage services, all designed to make your life easier, and allowing you to focus on selling your product or service. Call us now!

From foreign phone numbers to office space.

Using a virtual office to get a Dutch phone number for your business is the perfect way to enter or test the Dutch market. However, as your business in the Netherlands starts to grow, you may want to open a physical office. When that time comes, House of Companies can help you find exactly what you’re looking for, from hot desks to shared spaces to dedicated offices of all sizes in some of the best business centers in the Netherlands. With our expertise and years of experience, we will find the best, most affordable office space solution that your growing business may need.


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