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How to get an overseas business phone number

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Your business is doing very well in your area or country, but you know that the products or services you offer will do well in other countries too. The current global economic climate has uncertain, so you want to be cautious and start small. What do you do?

If you want to start small, one of the best options is to first get a phone number in the country you want to sell your products or services in. By getting a local phone number you can start building a presence in that country and start generating local business.

The Netherlands is one of the most popular countries for entrepreneurs to expand to, especially startups in the tech, online, and creative sectors. But it’s not just small tech startups that open up shop in the Netherlands, many large multi-national companies across many different industries use the Netherlands as a regional base for their operations. The reason for the popularity is the growing Dutch economy which has given people in the Netherlands more disposable income to spend on goods and services. The Dutch people are also very open-minded and they like to try new things, which makes it the perfect place to start a business in the Netherlands.

A great way to get an overseas business phone number is by using a virtual office. What is a virtual office? A virtual office is just like a ‘real office’ but without the physical office space. With a virtual office, you get an overseas business phone number, as well as an address in that country, like the Netherlands, for instance. The best part is that you can operate a virtual office from almost anywhere in the world!

A virtual office is quick to set up and very affordable and is great for businesses that are looking to expand into foreign markets but don’t want to invest in renting office space just yet. Having a local phone number and address allows you to establish your brand and gain a local customer base without a large financial commitment. It gives customers in the country peace of mind that they are dealing with a local business that understands the local market.

Because it’s affordable and easy to set up, virtual offices are very popular with startups and smaller businesses, however, due to their versatility, they are also used by larger companies who want to get an overseas phone number so that they can start getting a foothold in the foreign market before formally establishing an office in the region.

So how do you get an overseas phone number?

To get an overseas phone number through a virtual office is quick and easy. House of Companies can help you set up a virtual office within 24 hours! We offer virtual office locations in many international locations, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, England, Luxembourg, and the USA. Simply give House of Companies a call, choose the country in which you want to get an overseas business phone number and address, and one of our expert consultants will talk you through the wide range of available virtual office solutions.

We will help you find the best virtual office solution for your business and get you up and running in no time!

Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies
Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies

A virtual office sounds great, but how much does it cost?

House of Companies can set you up with a virtual office that includes an overseas phone number and business address for less than €25 per month! This incredible cost-saving makes it easy for you to start selling your products and services in an overseas country! For even more convenience, House of Companies also offers add-on services like call answering and forwarding, mail forwarding, and warehousing. Call us now!

Solutions for a growing business

You’ve opened your virtual office and you are starting to see great success in the foreign market. As your business continues to grow you feel that the time is right to open a ‘real’ office. House of Companies can help you there too! We work with some of the most prominent business centers in Europe and can provide you with any office space solution you want, whether you want to start small by renting a hot-desk for a couple of days, or take the leap and invest in a long-term dedicated office space to accommodate your growing business.

House of Companies offers a wide range of services that can help your business grow from fledgling startup to multi-national conglomerate!

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