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Register a phone number in Amsterdam

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

You’d love to set up your business in Amsterdam, but you don’t have a lot of money to open an office. What do you do?

The good news is that you don’t have to have a lot of money to start a business in Amsterdam. A great way to get into the Dutch market is to register a phone number in Amsterdam. By having a local phone number you communicate to local customers that you are committed to them, which in turn will gain you their trust.

But why would you want to register a phone number in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is an amazing place to start a business and the city has become one of the most popular business destinations in the world for companies of all sizes and from all industries! Amsterdam is incredibly popular with creative agencies and tech startups, and as a result, the Dutch creative and tech industries are of the strongest in the world. This has turned Amsterdam into a hub of creativity and innovation that can have a positive influence on any business, no matter what industry you operate in, from FMCG goods to shipping to importing food. Also, the Dutch government has worked hard to create a welcoming business environment and actively encourage foreign entrepreneurs and companies to start a business in the Netherlands.

What’s more, because of its rich history and central location within Europe, Amsterdam is also a very popular destination for tourists and business travelers. This gives the city a very cosmopolitan vibe and means that no matter where in the world you’re from, you will always feel at home among the city’s bicycles and canals. Amsterdam is the perfect place to start a business in the Netherlands and it’s easy to see why so many businesses are flocking to set up shop in the Dutch capital.

Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies
Dutch coworking space Solution | House of Companies

Starting small

Starting a business in a foreign country can be risky because you can never know for certain whether your product or service is going to do well in the local market. Many companies spend a lot of money to open up offices in a country only for their product to fail. Very few companies can afford to make this kind of mistake which is why it is best to start small and test the market before fully launching your product in the market. Due to its cosmopolitan nature and open-mindedness of its citizens, Amsterdam is the perfect microcosm to test a product, especially tech products like online services or fintech.

If you want to avoid risk and start small, one of the best ways is to register a phone number in Amsterdam for your business. A local phone number allows you to establish a presence in the local market by making your business more accessible to local customers. If a customer has a question about a product or service, they simply call your local number. This goes a long way in building customer trust and confidence in your business and brand.

How can I register a phone number in Amsterdam and how much does it cost?

One of the most popular ways that businesses use to register a phone number in Amsterdam is by opening a virtual office. What is a virtual office? Well, exactly what it says. It’s like a ‘normal’ office, but without the building. A virtual office gives you a local phone number where people can call you on, as well as a local address where you can receive mail and parcels. You can also add services like call answering or forwarding, mail forwarding, or even storage to a virtual office. Businesses of all sizes use virtual offices because they are flexible, easy to set up, and affordable. Startups and small businesses in particular benefit from having a virtual office, because they usually don’t have a lot of money to spend on renting office space and buying or renting the furniture and equipment that you need to run an office.

To set up a virtual office is cheap, quick, and easy. For less than €25 per day, House of Companies can set you up with your own virtual office within one business day! Simply call one of our expert consultants and they will talk you through all the flexible virtual office options that House of Companies offers, such as call and mail forwarding, call answering, and warehousing. It’s as easy as that! Call us now!

A growing office for a growing business

Setting up a virtual office is a great way to register a phone number in Amsterdam and get a foot in the Dutch market and it will change your business for the better. Undoubtedly a virtual office will help your business grow and you may reach a point where you need a physical office space to accommodate your growing staff. The great news is that House of Companies helps you set up both a virtual office and an actual office space. Whether you need a dedicated office for a longer-term lease or just a hot-desk for an hour or two, House of Companies works with some of the most reputable business centers in Amsterdam, and we will find the perfect workspace solution for your growing business.


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